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    75: Food Paranoia 

    I feel like I will inevitably become a vegetarian. I don’t really have any moral qualms with eating dead animal flesh, because from the shape of our teeth and what not, humans are suppose to eat meat (and, y’know it tastes really good too).  I’ve always thought that vegetarians that used the nonviolence toward animals reasoning for being vegetarian were just overly sensitive; people that  claimed some higher morality.

    I think most people (I’m talking about the white people, from Stuff White People Like) that are vegetarians are just because its trendy or acquires a certain status (kinda like eating hummus!). I thought  reasons for being a vegetarian like because of religious beliefs, simply not liking the taste of meat, or being more healthful were much more legitimate. Any reason for being a vegetarian is fine because it’s just a choice; I don’t eat octopus because I get grossed out thinking about those animals, but the self-righteous vegetarians who make you feel bad for eating meat, which I HATE, are often the animal-cruelty type of vegetarians…

    The reason that I think I ‘ll eventually become a vegetarian is just because the agriculture and food processing industry is just out of control. The raising of livestock is so intensive and has gotten so large-scale that the environmental implications are seriously significant. Just think of all the components needed to raise livestock: land for grazing, land to grow feed, the amount of time from birth to slaughter….In essence, people eat much more meat than is needed simply because it is available. A meal is suppose to have meat as a component not the main feature.

    But it’s not only meat…Corn and Soybeans can’t be trusted either.

    I haven’t really done a good job of explaining this…there’s so much information about it though, like the movie “Food Inc” or so many books…and this:

    I’m not even that much of environmental nut…But I ate a sandwich today: bread and oscar mayer processed ham, and all think of was: this was bought at some huge chain grocery store, was probably transported from halfway across the country from the manufacturing plant where it could have possibly been contaminated by who knows what, in that plant are workers that are getting such a small percentage of whatever was paid for that damn 7 oz package (most of it is probably going to Oscar-Mayer’s great grandson or whoever and that at least regional grocery store)…The pig was probably slaughtered by some machine in ten seconds along with dozens of others…That doesn’t matter as much since, the pig had a horrible life anyway, in some indoor facility with hundreds of other pigs which contributes to huge amount of methane that will eventually destroy the earth (it was also just a sad sandwich, that didn’t taste very good either)……

    Am I going crazy or what? Sorry, for the ranting, at one time this was somewhat coherent….

    I think that eating adequate amounts of venison and walleye (have to be careful of mercury though) hunted and caught nearby is probably a much more responsible way to eat meat….Vegetarianism isn’t really the right answer. I ultimately just need to learn more about where the food I’m eating is coming from. And, it will come to this: actually cooking my own meals. Just so that I’m healthier, more economical, and supporting what I think is ethical….It’s just so HARD! I’d almost rather live in ignorance than have to be responsible to do what’s right. Maybe I just need to pick battles…It’ll happen, I’m just not ready to give up Cheeseburgers yet.

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      Just wait until you meet the elitist vegans. I have a coworker here at work. He is vegan. Looks condescendingly at the rest of us for our eating habits. Continually complains the cafeteria doesn’t cater to “my people”. Complains if you eat anything not vegan in any proximity to where he is at….
      Arrogant ass- that is the term I have for those people.

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    73:Holiday Movie Anticipation 

    I hate those getting-to-know-you type conversations with people when you describe yourself. Usually this means describing the things you do in your free time, because it’s weird to describe your personality (“I’m a funny person”). I think in the era of the facebook-profile people generally have this feeling of competition to able to list the most activities as possible. Personally, I think people exaggerate….but maybe I’m just jealous of people who snowboard, rockclimb, paint, and crochet afghans in their free time. Anyway, in these conversations, I usually say that I really enjoy watching movies, and I receive blank stares. Mostly, because I think everyone enjoys watching movies….but I’m really into movies.

    I religiously read every movie review in the paper every Friday. I constantly check the apple Movie trailers website. After almost every movie that I watch, I read a few pages of  reviews at Rottentomatoes. Every year for the oscars, I try to see as many of the movie as possible and fill out a ballot.

    I’ve decided to highlight a couple movies that I’m really excited to see, because: 1) it’s finally that time of the year when the best movies come out 2) I just saw Harry Potter, and it far exceeded my expectations which gives me hope for a year that has been pretty disappointing for movies, and 3) I’ll be seeing most of these during winter break and so planning for it gives me something to look forward to because the next month will be hell.

    127 Hours– It’s already been released, and hopefully it stays in theatres for some time.  It’s gotten insanely good reviews and it’s Danny Boyle’s followup to Slumdog Millionaire.

    Black Swan– This movie looks insane ! I’ve been hooked since the trailer. I think Requiem for a Dream is definitely a classic, and it looks like this movie captures some of the freaky paranoia of it. I think that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis haven’t really had any great movie roles yet, but they have a lot of potential.

    Tiny Furniture– This movie may be a little too quirky, but the every bit of dialogue from the trailer was funny. Hopefully, it gets released in Minneapolis.

    The King’s Speech– I really really like Colin Firth…mostly because of A Single Man. And since, a certain royal engagement I’ve been so much more interested in the British Monarchy lately.

    TRON– I think I’m mostly excited for this movie because Daft Punk did the soundtrack. I’m imaging sitting in the movie theatre arm and torso dancing to Robot Rock for two hours.  I’m curious to see if the computer generated Jeff Bridges is convincing too. I haven’t seen the original movie, and I really want to check it out because I’m into old-school photoshopping and visual effects.

    Green Hornet– I’ll totally admit to having a crush on Seth Rogen. Anyway, he’s an inspired choice for a superhero as well as Michel Gondry as director of a superhero movie. The trailer has sort of a bad ass swagger that the film will hopefully possess. Also, Christopher Waltz from Iglorious Basterds, awesome!

    Blue Valentine– I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this movie for a long time and Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are pretty “credible”actors…actually they just choose to be in more independent movies which make them seem more like serious actors. I like Michele Williams a lot, have been meaning to see “Wendy and Lucy” for sometime as well as Goslings’ oscar-nominated “Half Nelson”.   Anyway, I don’t know much about this movie except that it’s about a marriage falling apart, which is enough to make a good movie if done right. It’s also kinda controversial because it got an NC-17 rating.

    Mini Harry Potter Review:

    For the first time in this series of movies, it finally felt like the Harry, Ron, and Hermione were real and not just one dimensional archetypes ( hero, goofy sidekick, smart girl). I use to play basketball on an intramural team which was absolutely lousy. It wasn’t until the last season I played, that I finally understood how to do a layup correctly…Like, something just clicked. And that’s exactly what happened to the kid actors in these movies….it took them 6 movies to finally figure out their characters and I think it has a lot to do with the addition of character driven scenes which ultimately are the result of the longer running time created from splitting the film in half. The previous films focused on getting from plot point to plot point and would  throw in an overwhelming computer effects scenes and stupid gags for laughs. The difference in quality is tremendous…An example is at the beginning, they included a scene in which Hermione erases her parents’ memory. As a Harry Potter fan, I was so happy they invented that scene because it was only alluded to in the book . I’ve already imagined everything that happened in the book, so I would much rather see additional scenes that are interpretive and add to the characters that I already love and have grown up with. Anyway, I was so pleased with the movie (except that it didn’t have an end) and am very excited for Part II.



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      I absolutely loved “blue Valentine”… I didn’t think I would, but I did.
      Ryan Gosling is really amazing.
      Actually, I have seen most of the films you’re talking about
      Check out my reviews: http://wp.me/19wJ2

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    70: Reject the Ho! 

    Who’s House? Run’s House!

    What’s the time? It’s time to get ill!

    And what’s the time? It’s time to get ill!

    When the critcal value is greater than the test statistic, Whatcha gonna do?

    Reject the Ho!….       On the Flo’…Say What? Reject that Ho!

    Subscripts are a pain to format. It’s suppose to be H0   Goddamn now I’m stuck in subscript!

    Anyway, it’s suppose to be the symbol for the null hypothesis, but I think my super-Asian TA ran into the same formatting troubles that I encountered above and thought “Ho” was an adequate substitution. Ho > H0 , definitely. I spent the whole of lab smiling to myself and twirling in my computer chair,  wearing a turtleneck and other knitwear wishing that I could beatbox.

    Seriously…Kayne’s next hit single

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    67: Komm, Gib mir deine Hand 

    I watched the movie “Across the Universe” awhile ago and didn’t think it was very good. I thought it was all around pretty corny, but there were two things that really stuck with me from that movie. Firstly, Jim Sturgess is dreamy. Secondly, the cover of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was lovely. I listen to it often and even put it on a mix CD. Even imagined myself playing it on acoustic guitar.

    Anyway, a couple days ago, I came home from school and my sister was listening to the latest songs that were on Glee. She said to me “Listen to my new favorite song from Glee.” The song was “I Wanna Hold your Hand” in the same arrangement from Across the Universe, and of course she sang along with it.


    One thing to know about my sister, she does not have self-confidence issues. She’s not a bad singer, but she thinks she’s an awesome one.I haven’t been around her in the last couple days, but I know that I have her singing along to this song repeatedly and obnoxiously to look forward to.

    My sister has this ability to chew and spit out culture;  once she finds about something cool she’s instantly the biggest fan of it despite not knowing any of its history or influences, and totally over does it until the next thing comes along.  Like, right now she’s the biggest Lady Gaga fan ever. She refers to Lady  Gaga as “Gaga” like they’re best friends and dressed up as her for Halloween (a costume, that was so last year, btw).

    Admittedly, it’s immature to let what someone else likes affect what you like, but has my sister’s constant over the top  rendition of “Bad Romance” tarnished my liking of it a bit? Definitely, and I’m a big enough fan of Lady Gaga that I teared up during her duet with Elton John on the Grammy’s.

    Anyway, I’m just worried that she’ll ruin that version of “I want to hold your hand” for me. Oh well, I still have the Beatles versions, because, without a doubt, my sister won’t have any interest in listening to the original.

    p.s. another great Beatles cover

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    64:Motorcycles and Cigarettes 

    So throughout my K-12 education I had health class basically every other year. The main messages of the classes each time were pretty much the same: smoking is bad and you will get herpes if you have sex. Anyway, I’ve never been too tempted to become a smoker and I’ve never been pregnant so I suppose those classes were successful. Despite thinking they were useless and redundant, health classes generally had strong arguments  about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. I mean, who would ever want a hole in their throat or tar lungs. Anyway, the teachers and anti-smoking commercials tell you that smoking doesn’t look cool.

    This is WRONG.

    Smoking looks so cool. Watch any black and white movie and observe the beauty and badassness of smoke.

    In real life though, when I see someone smoking outside during the winter, their shaking bare hand moving toward their lips. The glamor of smoking is much less apparent. Also, being in an environment with smokers and having cigarette stank trapped in your clothing and hair is not much fun either.

    Some things should just stay in movies.

    Like motorcycles. They have a lot in common with cigarettes. First of all, motorcycles are extremely unsafe and could possibly lead to death. And most importantly, it is terrible when one is in your presence. Oftentimes people driving motorcycles are assholes when drivng on the road. They cut in front of cars just to show off. And they’re are just loud as hell. No the sound of your engine is not impressive; it’s fucking obnoxious.

    But, I’ll admit, they do look cool on screen.

    • Roy 8:11 pm on November 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      You know.. I am both a smoker and a motorcycle rider. But I would most certainly have to agree with you. Smoking is a terrible habit; and if I had known as a kid what I know now, I would never have started. But I thought I knew better than everyone else, and blew off their warnings.

      And, as a motorcycle rider, it makes me angry to see other riders darting in and out of traffic, tailgating, and lane-splitting since it tends to give ALL riders a bad name. Riders who ride to garner attention for themselves are the worst ones. And I hate to say it because it makes me feel old, but its much more of an “age” issue than an “activity” issue. It’s usually the younger riders who aim to show everyone on the road how “badass” they are. And it’s usually the younger smokers who still view smoking as a desirable activity. People who are in their 30s and above usually have a more realistic view of these activities. And thirty-something bikers don’t tend to be of the “everybody look at me” variety.

      When I ride, I usually seek out un-inhabited stretches of road to clear my head and enjoy the ride. Something that younger individual just don’t seem to understand.

      • Roy 8:23 pm on November 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I forgot to address the issue of the pipes, though.

        There always seems to be a misunderstanding of loud pipes. There is a term in the motorcycling community that “loud pipes save lives”, and I have to tell you that its entirely true. For some reason, drivers tend to ignore bikers on the road. I can recall one time in San Antonio where a driver pulled out in front of me (despite the fact that I was wearing an orange shirt and was making direct eye-contact with her) and nearly killed me; and then had the audacity to claim that she did not see me or hear me. I have relatively loud exhaust on my bike (but not obnoxiously loud) and she claimed that only the sound of my pipes at the last minute signaled to her my presence. I have no idea how she could not see me as I was doing the speed limit and was practically bathed in bright colors… but apparently my pipes were what saved me that day. They are intended to ensure that even if a driver can’t see you, they will assuredly HEAR you.

        • Roy 9:39 pm on November 5, 2010 Permalink

          However, in an attempt at complete honesty…. I am wholly susceptable to pissyness if the driver in front of me is an imbecile. If they refuse to use turn signals/can’t maintain speed/can’t maintain their lane/brake excessively hard, I won’t refrain from opening the throttle and giving them higher-than-usual decibel intake as I pass them. But I think that’s just human nature.

        • nocturnalgroaner 4:34 pm on November 6, 2010 Permalink

          That’s a good point about the loud pipes. In general, I think roads are too car-dominated. Drivers only focus on other cars, so any other type of smaller vehicles even people are at more risk. I went to Amsterdam and was a bit intimidated to walk around there, because the road infrastructure was so complex: car lanes, tram tracks, bike lanes, and just tons of pedestrians. If traffic was as complex here, people would be much better drivers.

    • Roy 4:42 pm on November 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      You are very correct though — there are plenty of douchey bikers out there. The next time you see someone backing up their bike into a parking space while simultaneously revving their engine; ask them if their bike has a reverse gear on it, and when they tell you “no”, ask them why they needed to rev their engine… and watch the hilarity ensue.

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    61: Loaded Terms 

    So I get these emails from some student group called something like the University Women of Color. When I first got an email from this group, I was kind of surprised. I guess, because I’ve never considered myself “colored”. I suppose that it’s an all-encompassing term that means anyone that’s non-white (my dad is white, my mom is asian), so it’s a half-appropriate descriptor for me. But, generally, when the word “colored” is used, it means black. I feel like it’s also a word that is part insult part uber politically correct. It’s hard to explain but it makes me feel uncomfortable .

    Surprisingly,  another word that makes me feel uncomfortable is “woman”. Maybe it’s just because I’m just beginning adulthood or maybe I’m just for some reason seeing the word as a synonym for ultra-feminist. I guess if “woman” justs means female adult than it’s appropriate. And I’m totally fine with being called a feminist, because everyone should be a feminist. These words just feel strange to me because they have such loaded meanings that come with them; I would much rather just be a “person” and be with other “people” than have to identify myself with limiting labels.

    Even though I’m not a member of the University Women of Color and rarely ever read the emails they send me, I still receive them because I guess every once in awhile I like to feel like Pam Grier.

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    58:Typical college movie? 

    I just saw the movie “Easy A”, and it was fine. I would say it was of good quality, I thought parts were truly funny. But it was kind of like any other normal teen/high school movie. There’s the cliques, the popular girls, the “cool” teacher, the nerdy/smart/unnoticed protagonist.  High school movies are pretty ubiquitous and they range in quality from bad/predictable, to cleverish (where Easy A would rank), to horror, to satire and finally some actually just all around great movies like Election or Rushmore. Anyhow, these movies that are set in high school have a definite genre; they possess archetypal characters, a familiar setting, and similar conflicts.

    I guess that there are so many high school movies because it’s such this emotionally heightened experience, and somewhat defining moment of people’s lives. But, as a college student now, I feel like there’s potential for a lot of great movies set in college.  What’s surprising though, is the lack of a “college” genre when compared  to amount and variety of high school movies; especially because they are both comparable experiences. The only kind of typical college movie are ones that glorify the partying and promiscuity of college life, such as Animal House (which is rightfully a classic) but it’s many imitators pale in comparison . While I would expect partying to be an aspect of “the generic but, overall, pretty good college movie”, these movies, like Old School, really limit what the genre could be. Frankly, I can’t really identify with that aspect of college (and what about all the students on dry campuses at super Christian private schools).

    I can only think of one  movie that could be the “Easy A” counterpart of college movies: “PCU”. This should be the movie that you’ve seen a million times but keep on watching. The stoners playing ultimate on the  quad, the in-your-face ultra-liberal protesters, and Balls and Shafts secret society should be as familiar as the cheerleaders and the band geeks.

    I also recently saw “the Social Network”; it’s set mostly at Harvard and kind of really reminded me of everything that is ridiculous about college. For instance, thinking that acapella groups,  trashy-ass house parties , rowing crew and dormitories are cool. There’s a lot of comedy gold there.  For my freshmen year of college I attended UConn, and even though it was a public university, just being in the New England region kind of gave it that preppy collegiate atmosphere (lots of matching brick building added to the experience as well). I visited my friend at Smith College along with her wealthy relatives in Boston, and definitely noticed an air exclusivity and self-importance that must emanate from Harvard like the toxic exhaust (maybe I’m jealous?).

    I’m not really sure why college setting movies aren’t as popular as high school ones. Maybe there really isn’t a typical college experience; the only thing that makes the college experience common among all is binging on alcohol.

    • 10loladahl 12:52 pm on October 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      The worst thing is that, even if it is a high school movie, the characters never act their age… I’m not saying they are smart (god, no), but they do face “grown up’s” problems. One could easily change the setting of most high school movies to college and it would still make sense.

      • nocturnalgroaner 10:28 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Yeah, I suppose most of the problems in college are only rehashes of the ones in high school…Or that the problems in high school movies usually happen to real people in college? The actors in high school movies are usually never teenagers which when added to the middle-aged screenwriter’s script creates a very unrealistic portrayal of what high schoolers are actually like.

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    54: Inexcusable, absolutely unjustified…grrr 

    It was inevitable that I was going to eventually post my 2 cents on proper tipping behavior as a seasoned hospitality worker, but I was compelled to write about it now because of a most heinous act. Just as a disclaimer, instead of a cool and collected guide to appropriate tipping etiquette this will probably be a diatribe against parents with bad parenting skills and their obnoxious children that I don’t think are cute.

    So anyway, I work at this pizza place as a server and  from the hours of 5:00-7:00 it’s pretty much overrun with little children. The place is pretty casual, so, apparently, most parents take this to mean that their children can scream at the top of their lungs whilst brandishing cue sticks at one another. It gets really chaotic even with only a couple out of control children. I’ve learned to cope with the craziness. Mostly by thinking about the tip I’ll eventually receive after the hellish experience.

    Anyway, on Friday evening, I had a table (actually they commandeered half the patio  and the pool table inside) with 5 adults and 5 children. Despite setting up their table with the proper amount menus, they chose to crowd around the register to order. Except they didn’t know what they wanted so they hogged the counter for at least ten minutes  (five people telling me different things…sampling wine….asking me how big ten inches is…. do you want jalapenos or not?…..while I attempted to confirm a order), causing a back up of people waiting to pick up their to-go orders, hindering my ability to check up on my other tables, just making everything thing about ten times more stressful.

    After at least an hour of this party basically taking over the restaurant and me giving them extremely competent service, I find absolutely zero monies on the table.  They placed a $95 order! Even if my service was pretty bad, I should have gotten $10. I can’t even think of any excuse to justify this. Maybe they thought that since they ordered at the counter that they didn’t need to tip. Considering that I had to pick up the pop cans that their kids threw on the ground, that’s obviously not the case.   If you ordered $95 worth of food from freaking McDonalds you should feel obligated to tip!  I freaking tip people when they make me lattes!

    I guess this was more or a rant then anything…but, basically, if you make a lot of work for someone you should tip, regardless if it’s a really classy restaurant or sub shop or whatever.

    • djtbs1 3:17 pm on October 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      People like that are so completely involved with themselves they are oblivious to others around them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they block the aisle in the supermarket while chatting and no one can get past.

      Those people drive me nuts!!!

      And as far as tipping. I will tip even if it isn’t great service, I just won’t give 15% or greater as is customary…. although my wife’s father never tips- ever! Some people don’t understand the service industry at all….


    • Roy 2:22 pm on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      You know, having worked tip-dependant jobs in the past, I’ve always held a healthy respect for waiters/waitresses, delivery people, etc. So I’ve always made an effort to tip them well, but recently it bit me in the ass. While I was sick I ordered a couple subs from Jimmy Johns and had it delivered so as not to infect the entire world with my illness. I gave the driver a $10 tip on a $12 order…. without so much as a thank you, the driver darted away, which pissed me off, and then I found out that the order he brought me wasn’t even mine. So I had just wasted $22 bucks on subs that I ended up not even eating. :-/

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    50: Value of a Dollar 

    So I didn’t really know this but it makes perfect sense now. I just started working at this independently owned pizza restaurant in my neighborhood. My manager, the owner of the place, was training me and telling me the procedure for taking orders, and ending up explaining to me that when people pay with credit cards that the credit card company gets a small percentage of the sale; so 1% of a $20 pizza might not seem like that much, but after hundreds of sales the 1% turns into a significant sum.

    Does the credit card company really deserve any portion of your purchases? Maybe. I mean, credit cards are really convenient. I know tons of people and I’ve done this on and off who only use cards to pay for things. I did it so that I could have a record of every stupid little $2.99 transaction that added up over time. Some do it for safety reasons; they don’t want to a wallet full of cash on them. They also give rewards and miles and whatnot. And it’s not like you have to pay to use a credit card to pay for something; it just screws the seller.

    I’m sure you all have heard the phrase “vote with your dollar”. Since I’m just a college student working a part time job I want to get the most of the little income I generate. This usually means browsing the dollar section at Target or living off mac and cheese, but, when you think of yourself as more than consumer, but an advocate for companies, products, or people that share your same values, does Kraft really need your dollar? Maybe that dollar means more to the local baker.

    By using credit cards, your automatically (probably unconsciously) supporting Visa. Do they represent your values?

    • djtbs1 10:44 pm on October 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Actually, it isn’t typically 1% for merchant fees. Try 3 or 4%. And Amex charges up to 7% which is why so many people don’t take that card.
      Also- don’t think using your check card / debit is any better- the fee structure is different, but the seller still pays some fees. They are minimized on smaller purchases, but larger purchases (more than about $25) a credit card actually charges the merchant LESS than a debit card does.
      The banks get you on interest on the cards, fees, etc. And get the merchant’s for taking the cards. But then- a merchant almost CAN”T not accept cards- it would be the end of them from the people that would walk away.

      As a merchant- there is no win. As a consumer, there is no win.
      The only winner is the banking industry….

      The only way to avoid bank fees is cash. But how many people carry it these days????

      I think you get where I am going with this….

      END RANT.


    • nocturnalgroaner 11:00 pm on October 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      yeah i didn’t know the facts, I just said 1%. Didn’t know that debit cards are even worse (actually the only type of card I have)…Maybe I should try to do all my online shopping with paypal?

    • Mr Str8 Fwd 10:03 am on October 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I was explaining this concept to a friend the other day. In my case I was explaining why it’s better to by from local food shops instead of big fast food companies.
      And to comment on what Ted said above…..I like a balance of cash and card. The card holds a lot of weight nowadays, that’s why I like to keep cash in the loop. Better you rob me of two twenties than my whole account. I too only have a debit card.

    • djtbs1 5:45 pm on October 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Debit is better for the merchant (fee wise) when the amount is smaller.
      Of course the tellers, waitstaff, etc don’t know the difference.
      The only reason I know about this is because I installed Point-Of-Sale for Restaurants, Hotel, and retail. So I had to setup credit cards for the establishments on the backend…
      Some restauranteurs will actually charge the fees for the tip portion of the bill from the server out of the tip.
      Not very nice, but not illegal in most states (your state may vary)…

      Paypal sticks you with fees too. As a seller (both ebay and independent of ebay), there are always fees involved.
      What might be considered worse is that paypal isn’t a bank so doesn’t even have to abide by those rules. They can freeze your account and all money…..with no legal recourse.
      So gotta be careful there too… 😦


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    46: Damn You, Daniel Radcliffe 

    So the trailers and posters for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are starting to come out and pretty soon we’ll be bombarded with TV commercials and tie in promotions with Burger King or whatever. I can already feel myself starting to get a little excited, even though I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the entire Harry Potter film franchise.

    I should probably disclose that I am a massive Harry Potter fan. Seriously, I made fanart, started writing multiple fanfictions, had a huge crush on Ron Weasley….. I’m not a purist when it comes to the movies though; some avid fans of any book series will never like a film adaption because it doesn’t adhere exactly to every page of the novels. In addition to being a Harry Potter fanatic, I also really appreciate good movies, and understand filmmakers’ authority to take liberties in order to make a film more entertaining.

    What bums me out the most about the movies is the incredible waste of potential. Obviously, the most heinous instance of this is just the dumbing (and numbing) down of the source material. I always associated the books with an imaginative spirit and humor, and the movies have always been dark, bloated, too serious, and anti-climatic.

    But also, in the movies themselves, there is so much effort and talent that just gets wasted on a mediocre product. The Harry Potter movies have access to the very best. Millions of dollars have been spent in the movies on the best computer animation by the best artists. The art directors, costume designers, actors (mostly the adult ones), and music are top notch. For comparison reasons, I’m totally gonna bad mouth the Twilight franchise. I actually haven’t seen any of the Twilight movies, I did read the first book, but from the trailers and posters, you can tell that the level of effort put into those movies is subpar. One just needs to look at the terrible wigs on the movie posters. For that reason, the expectation is lessened.

    The best Harry Potter movie has been the Prisoner of Azkaban because it embodied the spirit of JK Rowling despite taking the biggest liberties with the story. It also had the most competent director, who was able to get the best performances out of the kid actors and create a film that felt whole instead of feeling cobbled together from a bunch of disparate scenes.

    I always knew that the movies were never going to top the richness of the books. “Azkaban” gave me a lot of hope for the series, enough to last through 3 letdowns. I kinda know already that Deathly Hallows will be a disappointment. My guess is that the acting won’t be very effective, especially since this is suppose to be the most dramatic of the series. Realistically, the most I can expect is that it will be good, for a Harry Potter movie.


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