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    66: Black Ops 

    There’s a game sweeping the nation. That game happens to be Call Of Duty: Black Ops. It’s developer (Treyarch) has made most of the COD games. However the wildly popular Modern Warfare duo was done by Infinity Ward.

    But screw all that

    At first glance this appears to be yet another COD take all ur money sequal…..and  it is. Yet at the same time this game is much different. New features in this game create a very altered Call of Duty experience. With RC cars strapped with bombs, and a plethora of weapon add-ons……shit……this might even be the base for a whole new set of call of duty games. These guys are fuckin experts at building and improving on past efforts.

    I dunno. It still seems scary to me how the game plays just like the last one. Personally I skipped the campaign, and it’s a pick up and play from the last one….and the last one…..and the last one…..and the last one…..and the last one.

    I jumped on the COD wagon last year. I was still in diapers of the Next Gen console world and I had an Xbox 360. I had a free month of xbox live (actually 3) and COD3. That game had me hooked. Still does! I used to love riding around in motorcycles, jumping out, and blasting somebody with my trench gun. Now a few games later I’m putting supressors on my Mac11 and silently taking fools out with my ballistic knives.

    You all enjoy reading this, I’ll be ranking up in death match.

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    55: I like to Muvit Muvit! 

    My entry is a lil bit late today, you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve been up and around trying out my new Muvi Pro. I’ve been scheming on getting a camcorder type device for a while now and lemme tell you, I’m excited about this one.  Now I’m not the richest guy in New York but I felt it necessary to drop roughly $75 on this little gem. I’m not a spelunker or a recording artist, I don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to capture video. Did I mention? This thing is dangerously small!

    I’m still in experimental phase but I’ll get the hang of it. It’s pretty cool and great for someone who doesn’t NEED a camcorder.

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    51: Flood 

    There was a time in our village when life stood still, those

    Days are now lost. There was a girl, a former resident, whose

    Name I’ve long forgotten. She lived near the dam quietly with

    Her aunt and two cousins. She sat on the porch just to knit

    And gaze at cloudy weather. You see, our village hasn’t seen

    Rain in years and our wells have all run dry. For months it seems

    A cloud just lingers above taunting us with the chance of a shower.

    We’ve tried at times reach up and tear it if only we had the power.

    This girl had told me once about the possible end of droughts.

    “You pray in vain, just wait for rain and it will wash you out”

    So time and time I stood and sat. I’ve patiently waited since

    A spit. Perhaps a sprinkle,  thorough wash or maybe just a rinse

    To quench the dry earth. A drizzle began when I started to sleep.

    I jumped out of bed in the morning and got soaked to the knees.

    The window showed much for me to see, puddles as vast as the seas

    Treetops waved at my feet. Oh how these waters run deep!

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    47: Silly Rabbit 

    I try and be the clear headed, go for the goal, str8fwd kind of guy. But like anyone else sometimes I don’t feel it. Sometimes I get nervous or sometimes I’m just not myself. But there’s a part of me I’m not quick to show to others, and it’s that part of me that helps me through the bad times. I’m silly as fuck. I can keep going and going once I get started. I’m like a gold mine of ridiculousness.

    Then I figure…..why hide it….

    In fact I tried it the other day and I got an overwhelming response. Not only does it make everyone feel great, it’s also an awesome ice breaker! Once you release the tension everyone opens up. So let loose and be fuckin hilarious. In fact if you call the number at the bottom of your screen you too can be the laughing stock of your workplace/classroom.

    So wtf why not take a chance at fun. Let loose and treat everyone like a friend. Some people just need a little push. Still not sold? How about this. I was on my way to a local store. As I was crossing the street this car was crawling down the street. I hung my body down to a C-curve, dropped my arms, then arched myself backwards, threw my hands in the air and covered my face. It was very dramatic and kind pointless. When the driver decided to speed up I finally skipped across the street and took a leap onto the sidewalk. I was pretty amused at the time. It served no purpose other than letting the guy know he driving too slow. However I got a kick out of it and I think it released some endorphins. I felt pretty giddy after that.

    That just about wraps it up. I decided to let the sillyness out and it paid off ten-fold. I can’t wait to do it again the next time I go out. It throws people off and some people actually smile back. Don’t be a jackass about it but every now and then let your inner kid show. Just remember some things are funny and some things are annoying.

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    44: Food for Thought – Two Face 

    I want to make a detour in my usual blogging routine. Today let’s talk about a concept from the Batman series. Our villain of choice today is Two-face. Before that let me just tell you how I feel about the Batman concept on a whole. It’s fuckin brilliant. There are other super hero’s with good concepts but batman hits home for me. I feel it’s just genius.

    Former District attorney Harvey Dent had a reputation of being both the clean kind hearted gentleman of the people and equally for being a hard ass bend the law to fit his needs kind of cutthroat politician you’d expect from gritty Gotham City. Harvey Dent was involved in an accident/incident where half his body was eaten away by some type of acid. When this happened he says “To hell with this shit” and became the bad guy we all know and love.

    One thing that stays a part of the Two face package is the coin. This coin he used to always walk around with was also defaced (no pun intended) in that accident. He traps his victim, hits them with a monologue type boring ass speech and then flips a coin to decide their fate. The coin before it was defaced was a way of making his own luck (heads I win on a two headed coin). Now the coin is fair. It’s no longer one sided fate. This coin is important because it is the man himself. It’s a representation of what happened to him.

    So this two faced coin represents the reality of chance. It’s no more laugh and joke around haha I tricked you type bullshit. It’s become REAL. So if the coin says you die you die. If it says Harvey can’t kill you then he’ll probably knock you out. Or that’s what happened on the cartoon.

    This to me is fascinating that someone can embody an idea as a villain. Yea it’s Dent who decides who he flips the coin for but the concept itself is the concept of life itself. You win some you lose some. So if you think of it in that way, Harvey Dent isn’t your normal villain. He’s bad because he’s killing people but he has a sick and twisted version of justice tied along with him. Harvey found out you did a crime or was involved with the crime in his past. He confronts the person with the charge. Example grand theft and larceny. He scares the shit out of you while talking. Then at the end of it he flips the coin to decide your fate. Will you be punished for your crime or will you slip through the cracks. This is both complex, mind-blowing, fascinating and brilliant all in one. That’s not all. This all sounds very similar. Similar to what happens in a court room? The charges are read while you wet your pants in your seat. When it’s all over they sentence you. So did Harvey ever stop being a District Attorney? It even makes me wonder if he’s really a villain or not. He seems to be doing something similar to what Batman is doing.  What was the creator of Batman trying to say about the Judicial system? What was he trying to say about justice? What was he trying to tell us about life’s complexities in general?

    That’s my take on this Batman situation. Also don’t forget that Two face is a minor character. In fact he and Batman don’t get into it that often. To me it seems like he was trying to let us see it. Bane is another minor character in the batman series but he has some serious brawls with the dark knight. Usually when you see Two face it’s more dialog. Hell even in the movie Dark Knight, Harvey was all over it but hardly got into a squabble with Batman. It’s as if he’s trying to tell us something. Think about it.

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    43 : New York’s Finest 

    Some people think that all I take from NY is it’s dress code. Yankee’s gear, Timberland boots, certain colors I wear…but that’s false. I like to see myself as a the best NY has to offer.

    I wake up every morning before my time and stare at the ceiling. I roll out of bed and drag myself around the house to get ready for my day. I flip the TV on to catch the weather while I iron my clothes. I usually go from one room to the other, half dressed, somehow still sleeping. I take some time out my morning to stare deep into my own eyes. Just making sure I’m still me. Eventually when it’s all said and done I curse and grovel at the fact that I’d rather be asleep. I think of all the shitty things people usually try. I recall times when people just seem to react rashly for no apparent reason. I also take time to think of my reactions. Sometimes I flip out, sometimes I brush it off. But when I step out that house I always smile. Smile at the day, smile at myself or just smile at a cutie walking past my house “Wassup girl”

    You see living in a place like NY you run across a lot of people in a short amount of time. And in a place as diverse as NY your likely to run across a few people that can’t stand your existence. I’m one of the many people that live here. I walk with a slight bop, I prance around like I was just elected mayor and I look people directly in their eyes. I’m light in complexion but not white, I rarely smile, I like to flirt, I dress somewhat thuggish (I guess), and I have a NY attitude. A LOT of people don’t like me. But notice what I said…..I have a NY attitude. That simply means love the people who treat you as an equal and stick your middle finger up at everyone else. This is a big part of my existence. If you show mutual respect than I’ll treat you like a guest in my home. But if you treat me as a worthless somehow unequal halfling than I’m forced to serve you a nice big middle finger with a side of “Fuck You”. You see we New Yorkers aren’t supposed to tolerate disrespect. We’re supposed to be stern with the first @$$hole because there’s usually a row of @$$holes following your example.

    Cross the line and I’m forced to respond. But if you show me mutual respect than your as good as family. Do you understand the logic behind this? When dealing with a large volume of people you eventually get to this point. Your either in the Hug U category or the Fuck U category. This my friends is how we interact.

    Don’t misunderstand me. The point of this post is to show the love New Yorkers share. When that mutual respect is shown these people can really surprise you. You get into the strangest conversations with the strangest people. Your day ends up going in loop-d-loops and you end the day thinking WOW that was different. When you respect someone as a person you can really unlock the potential in each other. I saw it earlier today. I flashed a warm smile at a stranger and that persons whole day changed. Who was that strange man and why did he smile at me like that. It touches people deep inside and alters their mood. All it takes is that one stranger to look at you like your worth looking at. And that my friends is the magic of the city. The assholes get dealt with swiftly but it’s always that unlikely stranger to build an important day.

    Does anyone wanna finish this for me?

    I want you to go out and change someone’s day. Don’t make friends with them, don’t have sex with them, and don’t lend them any money. Just look them in their eyes and smile. It won’t just make them feel better, it’ll make you feel damn good as well.

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    38: Fashion Weak? 

    I read a recent blog entry from the good people at TAB. That’s “The Awesome Bloggers”. You should check it out, they’re real badass. Anyway, the post was about business casual clothing and how it’s changed. In turn that got me thinking about my own twist on business casual. That of course got me thinking of my own style and how it’s a combination of other styles. But I’ll talk about me later 😉 Instead let’s talk about style in general.

    Style in terms of the clothes you wear is supposed to be a form of self expression. At first I’m thinking, come on….I’m no fashionista. Who gives a damn about what I’m wearing, as long as I don’t look like a turd. But I’ve had a change of heart. Now I see clothes as a very broad way of expressing yourself. Every article of clothing does and should say something about you.

    I know what your thinking. But Mr SF, I don’t want to go out looking like a model all the time. “Well, don’t” I reply. Just know that everything you buy is conscious. How you put them together is also conscious. It’s a reflection of you either way.

    So how does this tie in with me?

    Lately I’ve been replacing the very faded, out of shape, just plain ragged clothes. I buy Jay-favorites like the solid color polo’s, the boot cut jeans, a Yankee’s cap. The essence of the wardrobe I’m replacing. But for every few items that are just like the old, I’ll buy something that I normally wouldn’t wear, but would look good on my body. To take it a step further I force myself to wear it. I do this to broaden my style and integrate things outside of my comfort level.

    Fitted jeans are one example. I have a pair that fits a little closer than I’m used to, and I love them. I feel a little too sexy sometimes but they ARE comfortable.

    Another example are these Converse sneakers. Lol. If you know me you know it’s a stretch, but that’s exactly why I bought them. Of course I had to get them in leather. But the sole is real slim, they’re ankle length, and they’re all white. These are so very far from the footwear I’m used to and you know what? I fell in love with them. They feel different on my feet and they show every inch of my size 11 but I couldn’t be happier.

    I also bought a nice looking Fedora but I haven’t half the balls to wear it yet. “Don’t worry, your time will come.”

    Of course I’m going to challenge you again.

    LISTEN UP!! That purple sweater your Aunt Bertha gave you 5 friggin Christmases ago and you still haven’t touched it? Autumn is right around the corner. Lol, no……..seriously……

    So once a week let your style show. Change up the rotation damnit! Don’t be afraid to try something different. Like that TAB person, you might get a bunch of compliments.

    • dannifoley 8:15 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Great post! Just a few comments… First, fedora’s are fun! Rock it!
      Thanks for the related post, I love when tabbers are able to play off one another!
      Also, I love the idea of buying something you wouldn’t normally wear and forcing yourself to wear it – so long as it looks good! I think I will take this challenge and buy something that looks good and force myself to wear it. I’ll let you know what I end up with. 😀

      • Jayson 10:20 pm on September 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        That’s great! I’m glad your going to try it. It’s a good feeling when you end up liking something you never would have tried otherwise. I can’t wait to hear the turn-out.

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    33: See a Vision, Follow it 

    Self made boss

    see a vision, follow it

    go hard and grind til the work pays off

    I’m comin out nights if I took a day off

    its the game for my life and I won’t play soft

    This lyric came from one of my favorite rap artists, Styles P. I’ve identified with Styles from the first few times I heard him rap. That was years ago and he’s still in my favorites list. So this is me paying respects to a MC who’s music and message intertwines with certain aspects of my life.

    The quote is basically the point in my life now. I’m at a point where I’m ready to marry success and kick failures ass. This lyric is the basis of the mindset I need. Allow me to explain.

    Self made boss. This is my ultimate goal, to become a boss by my own means. Started and maintained by the one and only.

    See a vision, follow it. I’ve got the plan, now it’s time to follow through. Once you have it down in your head what you want to do…..do it.

    Go hard and grind til the work pays off. To go hard is to go all out. Grind is working. Add that up. Go all out and keep working until you accomplish your goal. That’s solid advice if I ever heard it.

    I’m comin out nights if I took a day off. This one is simple. If you took time  off for recreation then make up for that time. If you spent the day havin fun then the nights should be dedicated to the work you missed.

    It’s the game for my life and I won’t play soft. This means that everything you do in life is accumulated. Therefore you don’t play soft. That means being passive about something, or just being a big pussy. If every move in life counts then I’m gonna play to win.

    Get a plan and see it to completion, that’s the anthem. I’ve wasted enough time. I’ve been having plans since I was a kid and I never had the nut sack to do most of them. Well I’ve gotten myself back on track/or a better track, so now it’s time to take the chances I never could.

    On a side note I just want to reach out to the people that are against rap. The shit you hear on the radio is NOT rap. The artist I got this line from, Styles P, has been rapping for a long time. He’s not a name you hear often like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, or whoever. There are a lot of artists who are only known by their fans because of mainstream music. That’s the shit they play on repeat all day until it get’s old. There’s a lot of music out there, unheard by the masses, that has a beneficial message. So put a bullet through your stereotypes and seek the truth. There are so many quotes from so many musicians that just aren’t heard.

    By the way I don’t know what song the quote is from. Like I said I love this dude’s music. I’ll give you the rest from my head

    Self made boss, see a vision follow it, go hard and grind til the work pays off. I’m comin out nights if I took a day off, it’s the game for my life and I won’t play soft. I got big balls, my word good everywhere, give the kid a bunch of work I’m knockin it off. LOL ok I can’t really remember the rest, but it gets kinda gritty after that.

    If your hungry for more I got a lot more gems from this guy. It’s like I always say “OPEN YOUR MIND”

    Stack somethin loose somethin, somethin keep fuckin my plans up. Movin in a hurry, time seems slow when I pass the cemetary that my lil brother is buried. All i could do is salute, pound on my chest, God got his army and we all his recruits. But every other night I see demons, do something wild and I don’t know the reason, blame it on the air so I say it’s the seasons, tell my niggaz light the fuck up cuz I’m fiendin….get it? it’s somethin when the sadness turn into madness, got me doin shit where I’m runnin from badges

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    28: Sexy, sexy Freedom 

    I know I’m a bit late with this post but hopefully I’ll make it up with mental stimulation. The topic today is simply, sex. Now I’m not here to lecture you or persuade you of anything. I simply want to give you my opinion on the covert topic of sexual intercourse.

    I’ll assume you know how to “get down” do the “nasty” or whatever you call it. So I’ll also assume you know the strings attached to sex. Some say it’s wrong, some say it’s dirty, and some even call it perverted. That’s not the case at all. Sex, to me, is as natural as eating, sleeping and taking a crap. Don’t believe me? Look around you. Your pets do it, even your parents did it. It’s part of the cycle of life. If we don’t have sex we can’t make brats and if we can’t make brats then the story ends right here.

    But forget all that. You and I both know that sex is FUN! If you can get past the social labels that have been put on sex you can see it for yourself. What are your opinions on having sex? My opinions are simple. It’s a connection between two people. It’s letting your body and your emotions get swept into another persons body and emotions. It’s two becoming one in an overwhelming state of arousal. One pleasing the other and that other in turn pleasing their partner. It’s a form of unity that’s not only beneficial to the body but to the mind as well.

    On an end note I’ll skip talking about protection. If you know about sex I’ll assume you know about safe sex practices. I’ll talk to you, instead, about sexual freedom. This means allowing yourself to enjoy a sexual experience, to not feel guilty about having fun, and to dedicate yourself to pleasure. You’ve failed at your job if your partner hasn’t been satisfied. You’ve failed at your job if YOU aren’t satisfied (within the limits of reason). Allow yourself to let go of all your physical baggage, your mental baggage and have a release. Have that mind blowing orgasm. You probably need it as much as you want it.

    Just wrap your heads around that. Read the words and understand the concept. I’ve given you my opinion….if it moves you or if you have a thought you’d like to bring up….bring it up. The blog portion is my thoughts. Use the comment option for your thoughts.

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    23: Generation Canyon 

    Sign of the times indeed. My older sister is 3 years older than me. Not much of a difference between the two of us. However I’ve noticed that people 3 years younger than me are VERY different. They see me as some kind of old man.I don’t know if it’s technology differences or they’re just being ignorant. I know about all the stuff that went on before I was born, but this new generation either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. It’s sad for me to even say new generation because theyre not that much younger than me. But the differences are staggering. Remember I’m only 22 years old!

    When I was in elementary school I played with yo-yo’s and the original brick gameboy. We used words like “the bomb diggity” and “phat”. I remember being on my block and girls would get phone cords from the Nynex truck and play double dutch. This was back when extension cords were out. Running from the living room through the dining room to the kitchen. I remember paper transfers on the bus and tokens! Way before metro cards. I remember sega game gear for crying out loud. I was indeed around when the first playstation came out. In fact I still have mine and still play it occasionally. I can tell you where I was when Biggie Smalls died, when Tupac died. I remember when Bill Clinton was running for president. The list goes on and on. However theses whippershnappers act as if it’s ancient history.

    Hell! I remember the times before the pokemon craze started. I can tell you stories of Windows 95 and America Online 3.0. Remember when NetZero and Juno swept the nation? The internet isn’t that old! I even remember when Myspace first started up, now it’s Facebook and twitter. It’s a little disheartning to know these bastards only know internet. Shit I even remember watching wrestling before Sting switched to black and white face paint. Now everything is in shambles. If all of this makes me old than I thank God for being old. I can spend days without the internet, my phone is of very little importance to me, and today’s music doesn’t interest me. I feel the times are changing too quickly. I have a ipod touch but I perfer to use my ipod nano. I feel it’s a better piece of equipment. I use a Centro because it’s easier to get parts for it than a treo. I’m a palm lover. I have no need for androids or black berry’s. Hell, I can recall a time when blackberry struggled to keep up with treo’s. But since people want more flashy devices, the solid OS known as palm has become obsolete. But I just laugh when people give my phone a strange look. I follow my mind and not what the tube tells me. I rarely watch tv also.

    This new generation kills me, they really do. Just because technology changes by the day doesn’t mean theres anything wrong with the old stuff. If you try and keep up with technology you’ll be in debt. I still think about my future. Saving money to buy a house etc. It’s a buyers market and if your not careful you’ll be doing a whole lot of buying. Don’t forget that there’s more to life than technology. So many of these younger people don’t know how to interact. Remember social skills used to be important? Face to face skills, talking skills, and such. And the scary thing for me is, I like the older generations. Men from previous decades were real men. They had class, they had style, and they were bad-ass (for lack of a better term). But I’ve always had an ancient spirit even at a very young age. It’s only natural for me to shun these new age ideas. But as old as I act, it has nothing to do with this gap.

    I wonder what the kids growing up now will be like. They’ll probably knock these teens off their asses. My niece isn’t even one yet and I can see her brain working. It’s incredible how fast they develop nowadays. Things are developing so quickly. Please don’t forget to enjoy LIFE. It’s not all about keeping up with the times. Sometimes it’s better to keep up with YOURSELF. How do YOU feel about what’s happening. Even the news! Nothing but cleavage and Ken-doll meteorologists. Please don’t lose yourself. I’m begging you. So this is my challenge to you….interact. Just as my fellow-tabber before me. Try a act of kindness. Try reaching out to people out of your cultural zone. Call customer service and actually treat them like a human being. Call your parents. Do something. Don’t get caught in the trap. There’s still a lot to be done, and if your not careful you’ll miss out. Don’t be blinded by what’s popular and go for what you really want. There’s nothing wrong with new technology but there’s other things out there. Open your mind!

    • weekendkeyboardwarrior 11:22 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Jesus… YOUR post just made me feel old.

      I won’t explain why or how… but… yeah. *frown face*

      Nice post, though. Every generation to ever grace the Earth has thought that the generation before them was outdated, and the generation after them was lazy. We all feel that only our own age-group has made the greatest impact on the world, but when we look at it in the grand scheme of things… none of us are even a blip on the timeline of the Earth.

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