75: Food Paranoia

I feel like I will inevitably become a vegetarian. I don’t really have any moral qualms with eating dead animal flesh, because from the shape of our teeth and what not, humans are suppose to eat meat (and, y’know it tastes really good too).  I’ve always thought that vegetarians that used the nonviolence toward animals reasoning for being vegetarian were just overly sensitive; people that  claimed some higher morality.

I think most people (I’m talking about the white people, from Stuff White People Like) that are vegetarians are just because its trendy or acquires a certain status (kinda like eating hummus!). I thought  reasons for being a vegetarian like because of religious beliefs, simply not liking the taste of meat, or being more healthful were much more legitimate. Any reason for being a vegetarian is fine because it’s just a choice; I don’t eat octopus because I get grossed out thinking about those animals, but the self-righteous vegetarians who make you feel bad for eating meat, which I HATE, are often the animal-cruelty type of vegetarians…

The reason that I think I ‘ll eventually become a vegetarian is just because the agriculture and food processing industry is just out of control. The raising of livestock is so intensive and has gotten so large-scale that the environmental implications are seriously significant. Just think of all the components needed to raise livestock: land for grazing, land to grow feed, the amount of time from birth to slaughter….In essence, people eat much more meat than is needed simply because it is available. A meal is suppose to have meat as a component not the main feature.

But it’s not only meat…Corn and Soybeans can’t be trusted either.

I haven’t really done a good job of explaining this…there’s so much information about it though, like the movie “Food Inc” or so many books…and this:

I’m not even that much of environmental nut…But I ate a sandwich today: bread and oscar mayer processed ham, and all think of was: this was bought at some huge chain grocery store, was probably transported from halfway across the country from the manufacturing plant where it could have possibly been contaminated by who knows what, in that plant are workers that are getting such a small percentage of whatever was paid for that damn 7 oz package (most of it is probably going to Oscar-Mayer’s great grandson or whoever and that at least regional grocery store)…The pig was probably slaughtered by some machine in ten seconds along with dozens of others…That doesn’t matter as much since, the pig had a horrible life anyway, in some indoor facility with hundreds of other pigs which contributes to huge amount of methane that will eventually destroy the earth (it was also just a sad sandwich, that didn’t taste very good either)……

Am I going crazy or what? Sorry, for the ranting, at one time this was somewhat coherent….

I think that eating adequate amounts of venison and walleye (have to be careful of mercury though) hunted and caught nearby is probably a much more responsible way to eat meat….Vegetarianism isn’t really the right answer. I ultimately just need to learn more about where the food I’m eating is coming from. And, it will come to this: actually cooking my own meals. Just so that I’m healthier, more economical, and supporting what I think is ethical….It’s just so HARD! I’d almost rather live in ignorance than have to be responsible to do what’s right. Maybe I just need to pick battles…It’ll happen, I’m just not ready to give up Cheeseburgers yet.