74: No Seriously, I Need a New Job

First, I want to ask a question. How long after an interview should I wait before assuming they’re not calling me back??

My job is driving me crazy! Between the annoying customers and impossible coworkers, not to mention the fact that I am often late due to reasons beyond my control – I feel I have good reasoning to want out. But just in case that’s not enough, here’s a few more reasons:

1) Did I ever mention that some days I don’t get a break all day? It’s bad enough that on our incredibly slow days the most we get is a 45 minute lunch break, but on our busy days – I don’t get a break at all! And they wonder why I’m moving so slow and screwing up at the end of the day. Uh, maybe because I haven’t had any form of nourishment or a chance to give my mind a rest in about seven hours.

2) Then there was the time they told me I was in charge of planning the work outing. I put a lot of time and effort into planning a trivia night at the local bar. I made a flyer, I made reservations, I made sure everyone knew about it, and I was told the outing was going to be mandatory. Is that why less than half of the staff showed up (even if you include me in those numbers)?

3) I don’t know what I was expecting when they don’t even participate in their own “mandatory” events. Like our “mandatory” Thanksgiving Pot Luck event.  We were informed that we were required to bring in something for this pot luck the day before it was supposed to take place – though it was never disclosed as to what the consequences would be if we didn’t bring anything in. I foolishly assumed there would be some form of punishment and therefore went out of my way to buy brownie mix and all the ingredients. I also had to stay up late to finish baking them. When I show up the next day, imagine how shocked I was to discover that I was the only person who brought anything! I think the most annoying part was that I was promised pot luck lunch – therefore I didn’t pack anything. I had already spent more than enough money the night before, and I really didn’t want to nor did I think it was fair for me to have to buy a lunch that day. But what could I do? Bitch and moan and get nowhere like usual? That routine is starting to get old…