73:Holiday Movie Anticipation

I hate those getting-to-know-you type conversations with people when you describe yourself. Usually this means describing the things you do in your free time, because it’s weird to describe your personality (“I’m a funny person”). I think in the era of the facebook-profile people generally have this feeling of competition to able to list the most activities as possible. Personally, I think people exaggerate….but maybe I’m just jealous of people who snowboard, rockclimb, paint, and crochet afghans in their free time. Anyway, in these conversations, I usually say that I really enjoy watching movies, and I receive blank stares. Mostly, because I think everyone enjoys watching movies….but I’m really into movies.

I religiously read every movie review in the paper every Friday. I constantly check the apple Movie trailers website. After almost every movie that I watch, I read a few pages of  reviews at Rottentomatoes. Every year for the oscars, I try to see as many of the movie as possible and fill out a ballot.

I’ve decided to highlight a couple movies that I’m really excited to see, because: 1) it’s finally that time of the year when the best movies come out 2) I just saw Harry Potter, and it far exceeded my expectations which gives me hope for a year that has been pretty disappointing for movies, and 3) I’ll be seeing most of these during winter break and so planning for it gives me something to look forward to because the next month will be hell.

127 Hours– It’s already been released, and hopefully it stays in theatres for some time.  It’s gotten insanely good reviews and it’s Danny Boyle’s followup to Slumdog Millionaire.

Black Swan– This movie looks insane ! I’ve been hooked since the trailer. I think Requiem for a Dream is definitely a classic, and it looks like this movie captures some of the freaky paranoia of it. I think that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis haven’t really had any great movie roles yet, but they have a lot of potential.

Tiny Furniture– This movie may be a little too quirky, but the every bit of dialogue from the trailer was funny. Hopefully, it gets released in Minneapolis.

The King’s Speech– I really really like Colin Firth…mostly because of A Single Man. And since, a certain royal engagement I’ve been so much more interested in the British Monarchy lately.

TRON– I think I’m mostly excited for this movie because Daft Punk did the soundtrack. I’m imaging sitting in the movie theatre arm and torso dancing to Robot Rock for two hours.  I’m curious to see if the computer generated Jeff Bridges is convincing too. I haven’t seen the original movie, and I really want to check it out because I’m into old-school photoshopping and visual effects.

Green Hornet– I’ll totally admit to having a crush on Seth Rogen. Anyway, he’s an inspired choice for a superhero as well as Michel Gondry as director of a superhero movie. The trailer has sort of a bad ass swagger that the film will hopefully possess. Also, Christopher Waltz from Iglorious Basterds, awesome!

Blue Valentine– I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this movie for a long time and Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are pretty “credible”actors…actually they just choose to be in more independent movies which make them seem more like serious actors. I like Michele Williams a lot, have been meaning to see “Wendy and Lucy” for sometime as well as Goslings’ oscar-nominated “Half Nelson”.   Anyway, I don’t know much about this movie except that it’s about a marriage falling apart, which is enough to make a good movie if done right. It’s also kinda controversial because it got an NC-17 rating.

Mini Harry Potter Review:

For the first time in this series of movies, it finally felt like the Harry, Ron, and Hermione were real and not just one dimensional archetypes ( hero, goofy sidekick, smart girl). I use to play basketball on an intramural team which was absolutely lousy. It wasn’t until the last season I played, that I finally understood how to do a layup correctly…Like, something just clicked. And that’s exactly what happened to the kid actors in these movies….it took them 6 movies to finally figure out their characters and I think it has a lot to do with the addition of character driven scenes which ultimately are the result of the longer running time created from splitting the film in half. The previous films focused on getting from plot point to plot point and would  throw in an overwhelming computer effects scenes and stupid gags for laughs. The difference in quality is tremendous…An example is at the beginning, they included a scene in which Hermione erases her parents’ memory. As a Harry Potter fan, I was so happy they invented that scene because it was only alluded to in the book . I’ve already imagined everything that happened in the book, so I would much rather see additional scenes that are interpretive and add to the characters that I already love and have grown up with. Anyway, I was so pleased with the movie (except that it didn’t have an end) and am very excited for Part II.