67: Komm, Gib mir deine Hand

I watched the movie “Across the Universe” awhile ago and didn’t think it was very good. I thought it was all around pretty corny, but there were two things that really stuck with me from that movie. Firstly, Jim Sturgess is dreamy. Secondly, the cover of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was lovely. I listen to it often and even put it on a mix CD. Even imagined myself playing it on acoustic guitar.

Anyway, a couple days ago, I came home from school and my sister was listening to the latest songs that were on Glee. She said to me “Listen to my new favorite song from Glee.” The song was “I Wanna Hold your Hand” in the same arrangement from Across the Universe, and of course she sang along with it.


One thing to know about my sister, she does not have self-confidence issues. She’s not a bad singer, but she thinks she’s an awesome one.I haven’t been around her in the last couple days, but I know that I have her singing along to this song repeatedly and obnoxiously to look forward to.

My sister has this ability to chew and spit out culture;  once she finds about something cool she’s instantly the biggest fan of it despite not knowing any of its history or influences, and totally over does it until the next thing comes along.  Like, right now she’s the biggest Lady Gaga fan ever. She refers to Lady  Gaga as “Gaga” like they’re best friends and dressed up as her for Halloween (a costume, that was so last year, btw).

Admittedly, it’s immature to let what someone else likes affect what you like, but has my sister’s constant over the top  rendition of “Bad Romance” tarnished my liking of it a bit? Definitely, and I’m a big enough fan of Lady Gaga that I teared up during her duet with Elton John on the Grammy’s.

Anyway, I’m just worried that she’ll ruin that version of “I want to hold your hand” for me. Oh well, I still have the Beatles versions, because, without a doubt, my sister won’t have any interest in listening to the original.

p.s. another great Beatles cover