66: Black Ops

There’s a game sweeping the nation. That game happens to be Call Of Duty: Black Ops. It’s developer (Treyarch) has made most of the COD games. However the wildly popular Modern Warfare duo was done by Infinity Ward.

But screw all that

At first glance this appears to be yet another COD take all ur money sequal…..and  it is. Yet at the same time this game is much different. New features in this game create a very altered Call of Duty experience. With RC cars strapped with bombs, and a plethora of weapon add-ons……shit……this might even be the base for a whole new set of call of duty games. These guys are fuckin experts at building and improving on past efforts.

I dunno. It still seems scary to me how the game plays just like the last one. Personally I skipped the campaign, and it’s a pick up and play from the last one….and the last one…..and the last one…..and the last one…..and the last one.

I jumped on the COD wagon last year. I was still in diapers of the Next Gen console world and I had an Xbox 360. I had a free month of xbox live (actually 3) and COD3. That game had me hooked. Still does! I used to love riding around in motorcycles, jumping out, and blasting somebody with my trench gun. Now a few games later I’m putting supressors on my Mac11 and silently taking fools out with my ballistic knives.

You all enjoy reading this, I’ll be ranking up in death match.