64:Motorcycles and Cigarettes

So throughout my K-12 education I had health class basically every other year. The main messages of the classes each time were pretty much the same: smoking is bad and you will get herpes if you have sex. Anyway, I’ve never been too tempted to become a smoker and I’ve never been pregnant so I suppose those classes were successful. Despite thinking they were useless and redundant, health classes generally had strong arguments¬† about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. I mean, who would ever want a hole in their throat or tar lungs. Anyway, the teachers and anti-smoking commercials tell you that smoking doesn’t look cool.

This is WRONG.

Smoking looks so cool. Watch any black and white movie and observe the beauty and badassness of smoke.

In real life though, when I see someone smoking outside during the winter, their shaking bare hand moving toward their lips. The glamor of smoking is much less apparent. Also, being in an environment with smokers and having cigarette stank trapped in your clothing and hair is not much fun either.

Some things should just stay in movies.

Like motorcycles. They have a lot in common with cigarettes. First of all, motorcycles are extremely unsafe and could possibly lead to death. And most importantly, it is terrible when one is in your presence. Oftentimes people driving motorcycles are assholes when drivng on the road. They cut in front of cars just to show off. And they’re are just loud as hell. No the sound of your engine is not impressive; it’s fucking obnoxious.

But, I’ll admit, they do look cool on screen.