61: Loaded Terms

So I get these emails from some student group called something like the University Women of Color. When I first got an email from this group, I was kind of surprised. I guess, because I’ve never considered myself “colored”. I suppose that it’s an all-encompassing term that means anyone that’s non-white (my dad is white, my mom is asian), so it’s a half-appropriate descriptor for me. But, generally, when the word “colored” is used, it means black. I feel like it’s also a word that is part insult part uber politically correct. It’s hard to explain but it makes me feel uncomfortable .

Surprisingly,  another word that makes me feel uncomfortable is “woman”. Maybe it’s just because I’m just beginning adulthood or maybe I’m just for some reason seeing the word as a synonym for ultra-feminist. I guess if “woman” justs means female adult than it’s appropriate. And I’m totally fine with being called a feminist, because everyone should be a feminist. These words just feel strange to me because they have such loaded meanings that come with them; I would much rather just be a “person” and be with other “people” than have to identify myself with limiting labels.

Even though I’m not a member of the University Women of Color and rarely ever read the emails they send me, I still receive them because I guess every once in awhile I like to feel like Pam Grier.