60: It worked for Pam and Jim…

Hey there tabbers! Today I want to discuss the controversy that is interoffice romance. We always hear that interoffice relationships are bad and that they are frowned upon, but no one really ever says why.  In fact, if you Google “interoffice relationships” or “why interoffice relationships are bad” it doesn’t offer any reasoning, just tips on how to have a successful one. So what’s all the hullabaloo about?

Pam and Jim from "The Office" - The best interoffice couple...

The reason I bring this up, which you’ve probably guessed, is that I have a crush on one of my coworkers  – we are not in a relationship (yet…). Well to be perfectly honest, I have no idea how he feels about me, though he seems to like me well enough. In any case, I’ve mentioned my crush to a few close friends and they’ve all said to stay away with the usual “dating coworkers is bad,” but none could come up with a solid reason why. The only response I get is “It would be awkward if you guys broke up.”

So what I’ve gathered is that it is not bad to date a coworker, only to break up with a coworker. I’m no fool, I know a break up is possible and is more likely than a happily ever after. However, should the possibility of failure be a reason not to begin a relationship? If so, then there would be no couples to begin with. As for break ups in the work place I think that really comes down to the ex-couple and their level of professionalism. If they are incapable of keeping things professional and make it awkward, then I can understand why people are opposed. However, we are both mature adults who should be able to behave ourselves if such issues should arise.

Where do you guys stand? Should I risk it and ask him out? Would you? Any additional thoughts? Leave them in the comments!!