59: Hello And Goodbye From Chicagoland!

Alright, so here I sit in my hotel room in Joliet, Illinois.  I know I told you my next two posts would be of the audio variety, however, the technology at my disposal had other plans.

This has been one of the most frustrating trips I’ve taken in quite some time.  I’ve spent the majority of this trip huddled up in my hotel room sick as a dog.  Even as I type this, I have one of those hacking “chest cold” types of coughs, as my “flu-like symptoms” have now evaporated into annoying chest congestion.  Over the course of the last week I’ve taken heaping loads of Nyquil/Dayquil/Tylenol PM, and despite all that medication, there were four or five days where I was completely incapable of venturing out into society.  Actually… I was incapable of doing much more than lying in bed and watching Discovery Channel.

I HATE BEING SICK!  Yeah, I’ll admit it — I’m a baby when I’m sick!  Everything sucks, and it’s all too terrible to bear.  *que sad violin music*

Anyway, enough of my complaining; the entire purpose of this trip was to play in the World Series of Poker Circuit event in Hammond, Indiana… and I did that — sort of.

I played in two events when I first got into town (pre-sickness), and did pretty well in one event although I did not win it.  Then I came down with the crud at the worst possible time and was unable to play in the NEXT SEVEN EVENTS!  It felt like the biggest waste of time I’ve ever been involved with in my entire life.  Eventually I felt a bit better and bought into the final event of the tournament despite feeling less than 100%.  I nearly fell asleep twice at the table, though… so as you might expect, I bounced out of that event pretty quickly, but at least I gave it the old college try.  But it still sort of felt like a waste since I had planned on playing in 12 total events and was only able to play in a whopping three events!

Pam and I at Navy Pier

I suppose the silver lining of this trip is that my girlfriend was able to fly out for a couple days.  We spent a weekend just enjoying each others company, and we also got a chance to go downtown and spend a day at Navy Pier as well as go see “Blue Man Group” at the Briar Street Theatre… and it was AWESOME!  If you ever get a chance to go see that show, I HIGHLY recommend that you do so.  It was amazing how they constantly kept the audience involved and completely overwhelmed.  They made it totally interactive and kept you guessing what was going to happen next.  There were times when the stunts they did were so outrageous, that you weren’t quite sure if they were real or faked… or HOW they were faked for that matter since they were done literally right in front of your eyes (and less than 20 from you in a small theatre).  But, if you go see this show, the only advice I have for you is:  Don’t be late!  Just Sayin’.

That’s all I have for you right now since I had to type this entire post out on my phone due to a frustrating lack of hotel internet connectivity.

I’ll be heading home on Thursday, and I’ll try to get my audio posts up once I hit Albuquerque.  Lata!