58:Typical college movie?

I just saw the movie “Easy A”, and it was fine. I would say it was of good quality, I thought parts were truly funny. But it was kind of like any other normal teen/high school movie. There’s the cliques, the popular girls, the “cool” teacher, the nerdy/smart/unnoticed protagonist.  High school movies are pretty ubiquitous and they range in quality from bad/predictable, to cleverish (where Easy A would rank), to horror, to satire and finally some actually just all around great movies like Election or Rushmore. Anyhow, these movies that are set in high school have a definite genre; they possess archetypal characters, a familiar setting, and similar conflicts.

I guess that there are so many high school movies because it’s such this emotionally heightened experience, and somewhat defining moment of people’s lives. But, as a college student now, I feel like there’s potential for a lot of great movies set in college.  What’s surprising though, is the lack of a “college” genre when compared  to amount and variety of high school movies; especially because they are both comparable experiences. The only kind of typical college movie are ones that glorify the partying and promiscuity of college life, such as Animal House (which is rightfully a classic) but it’s many imitators pale in comparison . While I would expect partying to be an aspect of “the generic but, overall, pretty good college movie”, these movies, like Old School, really limit what the genre could be. Frankly, I can’t really identify with that aspect of college (and what about all the students on dry campuses at super Christian private schools).

I can only think of one  movie that could be the “Easy A” counterpart of college movies: “PCU”. This should be the movie that you’ve seen a million times but keep on watching. The stoners playing ultimate on the  quad, the in-your-face ultra-liberal protesters, and Balls and Shafts secret society should be as familiar as the cheerleaders and the band geeks.

I also recently saw “the Social Network”; it’s set mostly at Harvard and kind of really reminded me of everything that is ridiculous about college. For instance, thinking that acapella groups,  trashy-ass house parties , rowing crew and dormitories are cool. There’s a lot of comedy gold there.  For my freshmen year of college I attended UConn, and even though it was a public university, just being in the New England region kind of gave it that preppy collegiate atmosphere (lots of matching brick building added to the experience as well). I visited my friend at Smith College along with her wealthy relatives in Boston, and definitely noticed an air exclusivity and self-importance that must emanate from Harvard like the toxic exhaust (maybe I’m jealous?).

I’m not really sure why college setting movies aren’t as popular as high school ones. Maybe there really isn’t a typical college experience; the only thing that makes the college experience common among all is binging on alcohol.