57: The Sushi Situation

Tanya’s most recent post made me think of an experience I had earlier this year. I don’t think theres anything more annoying than people who are too inconsiderate or too ignorant to tip, but there are other things that drive me crazy about being on the other side – eating out with friends. There’s always that one friend who doesn’t want to split the bill evenly and only wants to pay for what they ate, or the one who orders tons of expensive drinks and then wants to split the bill evenly, or the people who forget to bring cash and stick you with the bill and never pay you back. All of which a very frustrating, but nothing drove me crazier than when I went out for sushi with my friend Mike.

I have this habit of ordering a little extra food when I go out to eat, that way I can bring some home for later, save me from cooking for another meal. This time was no different, I ordered two sushi rolls and vegetable tempura with rice. I figured I’d bring most of the tempura and rice home, and just enjoy the sushi while it was fresh. Mike ordered some sushi combo plate which worked out to be cheaper than what I got, but at the time I didn’t even think about it since I was getting two meals for just a little bit more. I have no idea how, but Mike must have hoovered his entire meal, because his plate was clean after a few minutes and I was still picking at my tempura.

That’s when he asked, “Are you going to finish that?” and I answered honestly saying I was planning on bringing it home. Then he asked if he could try it, which I thought was a bit odd considering he didn’t offer me anything he ordered, but I wasn’t going to say no – I figured he’d just try a piece or two. I ran to the bathroom and when I came back he had eaten almost all of the tempura, and certainly more than half of it. I made some comment like “seems like you liked it” but didn’t make a fuss about it.

That is until the bill came; he put down enough money for what he ordered, not even including tip. I said to him, “Oh I thought we were splitting the tempura? I mean you ate your fair share of it.” I thought this was fair considering the situation, and I didn’t say it rudely or anything. He responded, “No, I didn’t order the tempura, why would I pay for it?” I explained to him again that he ate more than half of the order and he denied it claiming he only ate a few bites and that it was preposterous that I ask for money for it. I gave

up because I didn’t want to fight over it or cause a scene, but I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever encountered! In the past I’ve had guy friends pay for my entire meal or my movie ticket just because of chivalry, and I would always make it up to them somehow. Not like that, I mean if I was going over their place to hang out I’d bring something or I’d have them over for dinner. But never had I encountered someone so stingy that they wouldn’t even split something that they ate most of. I still don’t understand his train of thought. Unless he honestly thought he ate a few bites, then he must be delusional, but it would explain the situation a little. However, he didn’t even leave a tip which leads me to believe he is just a cheap bastard.

I figured I had no way to make up my losses, so whenever he asked me to go grab a meal with him after this incident I would always make sure we ate at the dining hall. Prepaid meals where I could always grab more if he ate mine 😛 I guess he also told his roommate about the situation, and his roommate took my side because he knew how Mike could be. He was nice enough to have me over for pizza one night and said, “Girls don’t pay in this apartment,” and made Mike pay 50/50 with him. I thought that was very sweet of him, especially since they used to make Mike’s ex pay her fair share.

What do you guys think? Was I right/wrong to ask him to split the price of the tempura? Would you have paid?