54: Inexcusable, absolutely unjustified…grrr

It was inevitable that I was going to eventually post my 2 cents on proper tipping behavior as a seasoned hospitality worker, but I was compelled to write about it now because of a most heinous act. Just as a disclaimer, instead of a cool and collected guide to appropriate tipping etiquette this will probably be a diatribe against parents with bad parenting skills and their obnoxious children that I don’t think are cute.

So anyway, I work at this pizza place as a server and  from the hours of 5:00-7:00 it’s pretty much overrun with little children. The place is pretty casual, so, apparently, most parents take this to mean that their children can scream at the top of their lungs whilst brandishing cue sticks at one another. It gets really chaotic even with only a couple out of control children. I’ve learned to cope with the craziness. Mostly by thinking about the tip I’ll eventually receive after the hellish experience.

Anyway, on Friday evening, I had a table (actually they commandeered half the patio  and the pool table inside) with 5 adults and 5 children. Despite setting up their table with the proper amount menus, they chose to crowd around the register to order. Except they didn’t know what they wanted so they hogged the counter for at least ten minutes  (five people telling me different things…sampling wine….asking me how big ten inches is…. do you want jalapenos or not?…..while I attempted to confirm a order), causing a back up of people waiting to pick up their to-go orders, hindering my ability to check up on my other tables, just making everything thing about ten times more stressful.

After at least an hour of this party basically taking over the restaurant and me giving them extremely competent service, I find absolutely zero monies on the table.  They placed a $95 order! Even if my service was pretty bad, I should have gotten $10. I can’t even think of any excuse to justify this. Maybe they thought that since they ordered at the counter that they didn’t need to tip. Considering that I had to pick up the pop cans that their kids threw on the ground, that’s obviously not the case.   If you ordered $95 worth of food from freaking McDonalds you should feel obligated to tip!  I freaking tip people when they make me lattes!

I guess this was more or a rant then anything…but, basically, if you make a lot of work for someone you should tip, regardless if it’s a really classy restaurant or sub shop or whatever.