53: My Brush With Fame

So, I have been very busy lately because my second job has been open and I’ve been working that more than usual. I feel I should clarify – I work in the Theater District, and we get the touring casts of Broadway shows. However, when we don’t have any of the shows in, well, I’m really not needed. But when there’s a tour coming through, the theater is “open” and I am able to work there again. Make sense?

In any case, we’re open now with a little show called “Rock of Ages”. If you’ve heard of it, then you probably know it’s starring American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis. He plays Drew, just a city boy born and raised in south Detroit… I think you see where this one’s going. In any case, I was watching the show opening night from the orchestra (for non-theater-goers, this is essentially the same floor as the stage) and little did I know the Constantine had an entrance through the audience. I heard the door behind me lightly open and close, so I turned around in case it was a patron in need of assistance. When I looked up, who was standing there but Constantine!! I nearly melted… Anyway, we made eye contact (did I mention he’s much cuter in person?) and I mustered up a weak little, “hey”. He smiled, and then winked at me and then ran up on stage for his entrance. It was magical.

For tour dates or more information regarding the show please visit their website: Rock of Ages – Hold On To That Feelin’