50: Value of a Dollar

So I didn’t really know this but it makes perfect sense now. I just started working at this independently owned pizza restaurant in my neighborhood. My manager, the owner of the place, was training me and telling me the procedure for taking orders, and ending up explaining to me that when people pay with credit cards that the credit card company gets a small percentage of the sale; so 1% of a $20 pizza might not seem like that much, but after hundreds of sales the 1% turns into a significant sum.

Does the credit card company really deserve any portion of your purchases? Maybe. I mean, credit cards are really convenient. I know tons of people and I’ve done this on and off who only use cards to pay for things. I did it so that I could have a record of every stupid little $2.99 transaction that added up over time. Some do it for safety reasons; they don’t want to a wallet full of cash on them. They also give rewards and miles and whatnot. And it’s not like you have to pay to use a credit card to pay for something; it just screws the seller.

I’m sure you all have heard the phrase “vote with your dollar”. Since I’m just a college student working a part time job I want to get the most of the little income I generate. This usually means browsing the dollar section at Target or living off mac and cheese, but, when you think of yourself as more than consumer, but an advocate for companies, products, or people that share your same values, does Kraft really need your dollar? Maybe that dollar means more to the local baker.

By using credit cards, your automatically (probably unconsciously) supporting Visa. Do they represent your values?