48: Being a Responsible Adult Blows

Alright, so I am typing this from my phone so as to actually do a post this week as it has been crazy around here recently (thank goodness for iPhone apps).

So, I left Istanbul, Turkey on Friday the 24th… three layovers (and roughly 50 hours) later, I arrived at home in Albuquerque, New Mexico jet lagged as a mother fucker and ready to sleep for a week. I did NOT get to do this, unfortunately!

My girlfriend informed me shortly after getting off the plane that there was still a metric ton of shit left to move in our old house and we only had five days to do it. So… Despite my fucked up body clock, I had to wake up with her at 6a.m. every day and go load up boxes and bring them to the new house. I tried my hardest not to complain since I know she’s been through hell the last month or so doing this in my stead, but there were times when I couldn’t prevent myself from voicing my displeasure. It wasn’t fun to say the least. And now, we’re buried under boxes that look as though they will take months to unpack, and I’m soon to be getting right back on a plane and leaving her to fend for herself (which, I’m sure she’s delighted about).

I also spent a day-and-a-half in our back yard with a leaf-blower getting rid of Fall’s tell-tale signs. I received nothing but blistered hands for my troubles. But at least it’s done now!

It hasn’t all been bad though! My girlfriend and I took today off and spent the day doing things just for us. We also did something that we have been meaning to do since May… You see I bought a small motorcycle for her birthday a while back (at her request) with the promise that I would soon teach her how to ride it… And today I finally got around to doing that. She had a blast, and hopefully she will be riding like a pro by next weekend.

That’s all I got folks! See ya next week…. Next Monday will be my last post before I hit Chicago.