47: Silly Rabbit

I try and be the clear headed, go for the goal, str8fwd kind of guy. But like anyone else sometimes I don’t feel it. Sometimes I get nervous or sometimes I’m just not myself. But there’s a part of me I’m not quick to show to others, and it’s that part of me that helps me through the bad times. I’m silly as fuck. I can keep going and going once I get started. I’m like a gold mine of ridiculousness.

Then I figure…..why hide it….

In fact I tried it the other day and I got an overwhelming response. Not only does it make everyone feel great, it’s also an awesome ice breaker! Once you release the tension everyone opens up. So let loose and be fuckin hilarious. In fact if you call the number at the bottom of your screen you too can be the laughing stock of your workplace/classroom.

So wtf why not take a chance at fun. Let loose and treat everyone like a friend. Some people just need a little push. Still not sold? How about this. I was on my way to a local store. As I was crossing the street this car was crawling down the street. I hung my body down to a C-curve, dropped my arms, then arched myself backwards, threw my hands in the air and covered my face. It was very dramatic and kind pointless. When the driver decided to speed up I finally skipped across the street and took a leap onto the sidewalk. I was pretty amused at the time. It served no purpose other than letting the guy know he driving too slow. However I got a kick out of it and I think it released some endorphins. I felt pretty giddy after that.

That just about wraps it up. I decided to let the sillyness out and it paid off ten-fold. I can’t wait to do it again the next time I go out. It throws people off and some people actually smile back. Don’t be a jackass about it but every now and then let your inner kid show. Just remember some things are funny and some things are annoying.