45: Don’t judge a show by… its commercials? 

FallĀ premieresĀ are upon us! This year I was most excited for the return of Glee! I personally love this show, but understand how others might not enjoy it. However, I had an interesting conversation about the show yesterday:

Friend: “Ugh, there is nothing on TV tonight!”
Danni: “Are you kidding? Glee is on!”
Friend: “I hate Glee…”
Danni: “You do? Why?”
Friend: “I don’t know, I think it’s stupid.”
Danni: “I guess it can be sometimes… Which episode did you see?”
Friend: “Oh, I’ve never watched it.”
Danni: “Then how do you know you don’t like it?”
Friend: “Because I don’t think I’ll like it.”

This sort of thing never made sense to me. I can understand a show having absolutely no appeal to you, in which case you would say “I have no interest in watching it.” However, how can someone say they hate a show that they’ve never even seen before?

I could understand, say an Italian person hating Jersey Shore because they feel it gives Italians a bad name. But a show like Glee makes a parody of stereotypes and is in no way offensive – well, except for Sue Sylvester. But even her offensive comments are meant to poke fun and parody bullies.

Anybody out there experience anything like this? Hatred for something unknown? I think it’s just ridiculous…