43 : New York’s Finest 

Some people think that all I take from NY is it’s dress code. Yankee’s gear, Timberland boots, certain colors I wear…but that’s false. I like to see myself as a the best NY has to offer.

I wake up every morning before my time and stare at the ceiling. I roll out of bed and drag myself around the house to get ready for my day. I flip the TV on to catch the weather while I iron my clothes. I usually go from one room to the other, half dressed, somehow still sleeping. I take some time out my morning to stare deep into my own eyes. Just making sure I’m still me. Eventually when it’s all said and done I curse and grovel at the fact that I’d rather be asleep. I think of all the shitty things people usually try. I recall times when people just seem to react rashly for no apparent reason. I also take time to think of my reactions. Sometimes I flip out, sometimes I brush it off. But when I step out that house I always smile. Smile at the day, smile at myself or just smile at a cutie walking past my house “Wassup girl”

You see living in a place like NY you run across a lot of people in a short amount of time. And in a place as diverse as NY your likely to run across a few people that can’t stand your existence. I’m one of the many people that live here. I walk with a slight bop, I prance around like I was just elected mayor and I look people directly in their eyes. I’m light in complexion but not white, I rarely smile, I like to flirt, I dress somewhat thuggish (I guess), and I have a NY attitude. A LOT of people don’t like me. But notice what I said…..I have a NY attitude. That simply means love the people who treat you as an equal and stick your middle finger up at everyone else. This is a big part of my existence. If you show mutual respect than I’ll treat you like a guest in my home. But if you treat me as a worthless somehow unequal halfling than I’m forced to serve you a nice big middle finger with a side of “Fuck You”. You see we New Yorkers aren’t supposed to tolerate disrespect. We’re supposed to be stern with the first @$$hole because there’s usually a row of @$$holes following your example.

Cross the line and I’m forced to respond. But if you show me mutual respect than your as good as family. Do you understand the logic behind this? When dealing with a large volume of people you eventually get to this point. Your either in the Hug U category or the Fuck U category. This my friends is how we interact.

Don’t misunderstand me. The point of this post is to show the love New Yorkers share. When that mutual respect is shown these people can really surprise you. You get into the strangest conversations with the strangest people. Your day ends up going in loop-d-loops and you end the day thinking WOW that was different. When you respect someone as a person you can really unlock the potential in each other. I saw it earlier today. I flashed a warm smile at a stranger and that persons whole day changed. Who was that strange man and why did he smile at me like that. It touches people deep inside and alters their mood. All it takes is that one stranger to look at you like your worth looking at. And that my friends is the magic of the city. The assholes get dealt with swiftly but it’s always that unlikely stranger to build an important day.

Does anyone wanna finish this for me?

I want you to go out and change someone’s day. Don’t make friends with them, don’t have sex with them, and don’t lend them any money. Just look them in their eyes and smile. It won’t just make them feel better, it’ll make you feel damn good as well.