38: Fashion Weak? 

I read a recent blog entry from the good people at TAB. That’s “The Awesome Bloggers”. You should check it out, they’re real badass. Anyway, the post was about business casual clothing and how it’s changed. In turn that got me thinking about my own twist on business casual. That of course got me thinking of my own style and how it’s a combination of other styles. But I’ll talk about me later 😉 Instead let’s talk about style in general.

Style in terms of the clothes you wear is supposed to be a form of self expression. At first I’m thinking, come on….I’m no fashionista. Who gives a damn about what I’m wearing, as long as I don’t look like a turd. But I’ve had a change of heart. Now I see clothes as a very broad way of expressing yourself. Every article of clothing does and should say something about you.

I know what your thinking. But Mr SF, I don’t want to go out looking like a model all the time. “Well, don’t” I reply. Just know that everything you buy is conscious. How you put them together is also conscious. It’s a reflection of you either way.

So how does this tie in with me?

Lately I’ve been replacing the very faded, out of shape, just plain ragged clothes. I buy Jay-favorites like the solid color polo’s, the boot cut jeans, a Yankee’s cap. The essence of the wardrobe I’m replacing. But for every few items that are just like the old, I’ll buy something that I normally wouldn’t wear, but would look good on my body. To take it a step further I force myself to wear it. I do this to broaden my style and integrate things outside of my comfort level.

Fitted jeans are one example. I have a pair that fits a little closer than I’m used to, and I love them. I feel a little too sexy sometimes but they ARE comfortable.

Another example are these Converse sneakers. Lol. If you know me you know it’s a stretch, but that’s exactly why I bought them. Of course I had to get them in leather. But the sole is real slim, they’re ankle length, and they’re all white. These are so very far from the footwear I’m used to and you know what? I fell in love with them. They feel different on my feet and they show every inch of my size 11 but I couldn’t be happier.

I also bought a nice looking Fedora but I haven’t half the balls to wear it yet. “Don’t worry, your time will come.”

Of course I’m going to challenge you again.

LISTEN UP!! That purple sweater your Aunt Bertha gave you 5 friggin Christmases ago and you still haven’t touched it? Autumn is right around the corner. Lol, no……..seriously……

So once a week let your style show. Change up the rotation damnit! Don’t be afraid to try something different. Like that TAB person, you might get a bunch of compliments.