36: Redefining Business Casual

We all know what business casual is supposed to look like, if not see a few female examples above. However, in my experience “business casual” is taking on a new meaning – and I rather like it.

You see, the new business casual is a style combining pieces from both “business” and “casual” attire. It sounds like an odd mix, but if done right can actually be quite adorable.

For instance, on my way to work I had on black pants with a plain collared shirt. However, instead of my suit jacket, I had on a zip up hoodie with a fun design on it. I also had on my Chuck Taylors to dress it down a bit more.

I also attended a family party this weekend, and was stumped of what to wear since I hadn’t done laundry in a while. I threw on a denim skirt and my Green Day graphic tee, with (of course) my Chuck Taylors. It was chilly out, so I threw on my suit jacket as an extra layer. I got so many compliments at the party about the cute outfit, and I adored it myself!

I am not the only one “redefining” this style, I have seen others out and about in such hybrid outfits. Has anyone else noticed? Has anyone else attempted one of these hybrid outfits? Let me know in the comments.