33: See a Vision, Follow it

Self made boss

see a vision, follow it

go hard and grind til the work pays off

I’m comin out nights if I took a day off

its the game for my life and I won’t play soft

This lyric came from one of my favorite rap artists, Styles P. I’ve identified with Styles from the first few times I heard him rap. That was years ago and he’s still in my favorites list. So this is me paying respects to a MC who’s music and message intertwines with certain aspects of my life.

The quote is basically the point in my life now. I’m at a point where I’m ready to marry success and kick failures ass. This lyric is the basis of the mindset I need. Allow me to explain.

Self made boss. This is my ultimate goal, to become a boss by my own means. Started and maintained by the one and only.

See a vision, follow it. I’ve got the plan, now it’s time to follow through. Once you have it down in your head what you want to do…..do it.

Go hard and grind til the work pays off. To go hard is to go all out. Grind is working. Add that up. Go all out and keep working until you accomplish your goal. That’s solid advice if I ever heard it.

I’m comin out nights if I took a day off. This one is simple. If you took time  off for recreation then make up for that time. If you spent the day havin fun then the nights should be dedicated to the work you missed.

It’s the game for my life and I won’t play soft. This means that everything you do in life is accumulated. Therefore you don’t play soft. That means being passive about something, or just being a big pussy. If every move in life counts then I’m gonna play to win.

Get a plan and see it to completion, that’s the anthem. I’ve wasted enough time. I’ve been having plans since I was a kid and I never had the nut sack to do most of them. Well I’ve gotten myself back on track/or a better track, so now it’s time to take the chances I never could.

On a side note I just want to reach out to the people that are against rap. The shit you hear on the radio is NOT rap. The artist I got this line from, Styles P, has been rapping for a long time. He’s not a name you hear often like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, or whoever. There are a lot of artists who are only known by their fans because of mainstream music. That’s the shit they play on repeat all day until it get’s old. There’s a lot of music out there, unheard by the masses, that has a beneficial message. So put a bullet through your stereotypes and seek the truth. There are so many quotes from so many musicians that just aren’t heard.

By the way I don’t know what song the quote is from. Like I said I love this dude’s music. I’ll give you the rest from my head

Self made boss, see a vision follow it, go hard and grind til the work pays off. I’m comin out nights if I took a day off, it’s the game for my life and I won’t play soft. I got big balls, my word good everywhere, give the kid a bunch of work I’m knockin it off. LOL ok I can’t really remember the rest, but it gets kinda gritty after that.

If your hungry for more I got a lot more gems from this guy. It’s like I always say “OPEN YOUR MIND”

Stack somethin loose somethin, somethin keep fuckin my plans up. Movin in a hurry, time seems slow when I pass the cemetary that my lil brother is buried. All i could do is salute, pound on my chest, God got his army and we all his recruits. But every other night I see demons, do something wild and I don’t know the reason, blame it on the air so I say it’s the seasons, tell my niggaz light the fuck up cuz I’m fiendin….get it? it’s somethin when the sadness turn into madness, got me doin shit where I’m runnin from badges