28: Sexy, sexy Freedom 

I know I’m a bit late with this post but hopefully I’ll make it up with mental stimulation. The topic today is simply, sex. Now I’m not here to lecture you or persuade you of anything. I simply want to give you my opinion on the covert topic of sexual intercourse.

I’ll assume you know how to “get down” do the “nasty” or whatever you call it. So I’ll also assume you know the strings attached to sex. Some say it’s wrong, some say it’s dirty, and some even call it perverted. That’s not the case at all. Sex, to me, is as natural as eating, sleeping and taking a crap. Don’t believe me? Look around you. Your pets do it, even your parents did it. It’s part of the cycle of life. If we don’t have sex we can’t make brats and if we can’t make brats then the story ends right here.

But forget all that. You and I both know that sex is FUN! If you can get past the social labels that have been put on sex you can see it for yourself. What are your opinions on having sex? My opinions are simple. It’s a connection between two people. It’s letting your body and your emotions get swept into another persons body and emotions. It’s two becoming one in an overwhelming state of arousal. One pleasing the other and that other in turn pleasing their partner. It’s a form of unity that’s not only beneficial to the body but to the mind as well.

On an end note I’ll skip talking about protection. If you know about sex I’ll assume you know about safe sex practices. I’ll talk to you, instead, about sexual freedom. This means allowing yourself to enjoy a sexual experience, to not feel guilty about having fun, and to dedicate yourself to pleasure. You’ve failed at your job if your partner hasn’t been satisfied. You’ve failed at your job if YOU aren’t satisfied (within the limits of reason). Allow yourself to let go of all your physical baggage, your mental baggage and have a release. Have that mind blowing orgasm. You probably need it as much as you want it.

Just wrap your heads around that. Read the words and understand the concept. I’ve given you my opinion….if it moves you or if you have a thought you’d like to bring up….bring it up. The blog portion is my thoughts. Use the comment option for your thoughts.