26: Customer Disservice?

I have worked in a customer service setting since I was 16, and because of this I have more sympathy towards those working for the public. I also feel because of my work experience that I also have higher standards for what I expect from them as well. Do these statements seem contradictory? It’s possible… so let’s look at it this way:  I try to be nice to those who you can tell are working hard even when they have to deal with difficult customers. If a person meets my high standards of customer service I make sure to pass the word along to a manager. However, nothing drives me crazier than a person who is rude to you, or gets exasperated with you or tells you you’re wrong when you’re not. Here are a few examples:

“Expect something extra”? Sure, I just didn’t expect it to be extra attitude. I went to CVS recently to simply buy band aids, and I chose a package of them that were on sale for half price (who doesn’t love a bargain?). I brought them to the register and the cashier looked exasperated that I was even there. I brushed it off, maybe she was having a bad day, I mean she didn’t even smile! She rings in all my stuff and tells me the total – never asked me for my CVS card, which I’ve never seen before, so I figured she just used the one on the counter like they do if you forget yours. I pay with my card, and when I get the receipt I realize I didn’t get the sale price on the band aids, so I pointed it out to her and she said “That’s only if you have a CVS card.” I said I had one and she said, “well, you should have presented it.” I pointed out that she never asked for it and she told me she shouldn’t have to. Uh, what? “That’s part of your job,” I said and then she had the audacity to say, “It’s only $2, is it really that big of a deal? You’re causing a line!” I said I wanted the $2 and she rolled her eyes before grabbing the receipt out of my hand and proceeding with the transaction.

I used to work at Dunkin’ Donuts, so I know a little bit about the place: I know how the register works and I know the menu items pretty well. From this I know that if you buy a combo, even if you don’t order them sequentially, that you can get the combo price. The other day I ordered a sandwich, my ice coffee, a coolata for a friend and then hash browns. The sandwich, iced coffee and hash browns make a combo so when they rung me up I asked for the combo price. They told me there was no combo in there. I repeated what I ordered and said that there was a sandwich and hash browns combo. They said it didn’t apply with the coolata, I had to get a medium or large coffee. I pointed out that I got a medium iced coffee and they said “It’s already in the system so it’s too late to go back and fix it.” I asked, “Are you sure? Because it wasn’t like that when I used to work for Dunkies.” Then they got the manager over and fixed it so I saved my $1.50.

Another time I had the same order, and when they handed me my sandwich there were no hash browns so I asked, “Can I just get the hashbrowns?” The girl behind the counter glares at me and says “Maybe if you ordered some, I would have made them for you.” I said, “Well, I ordered and paid for them, I have the receipt here.” She gives me a dirtier look and says, “Let me see it because  don’t believe you. They didn’t show up on the screen.”  So I handed her the receipt and she looks at it, looks at the screen and then walks away to make the hash browns. When she’s done, she doesn’t even apologize, she just slams them down on the counter and takes the next order.

I had a few more examples, but I feel this post is getting a bit long! Maybe I’ll post them later, or on my other blog or something (leave a comment if you want to read them). In any case, does anybody else have these problems? Because it happens to me all the time! These three examples happened within the last week! I must have one of those faces… It just drives me crazy that I work with the public all day and I never treat customers the way I get treated. I just seems like a cosmic kick in the ass of reversed karma. The nicer I am to customers, the worse I get treated. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few good experiences sprinkled in, but they do not out weigh the bad…