25: Reluctantly crouched at the starting line 

Engines pumping and thumping in time…

At least that’s how I feel right now. All revved up and still waiting for the green light so I can get going.

Today is a very important day to me. No, there’s no other significance other than that which I have placed on it. It has been exactly one year since I have been flying for my own pleasure. Flying huh? Yes, some of you may be asking that. Well, I never mentioned it until now. Another interesting fact about me is that yes, I’m a pilot and since September of 2008, I have been working on obtaining my pilot’s certificate and enhancing it to a point where I can make money being a pilot.

This past year has been up and down and had its rough spots for me. Mainly, because I got mixed up in this bullshit about how I didn’t give all the pertinent information to the A.M.E. about my entire life history of any medical issues or drugs taken. So now, (last year), this asshole who acts like a douche because he thinks that because he went to Berkeley, he can be a douche to everybody else, decided to call the FAA on me. So, this past year, I have been going through all kinds of loops with the FAA in order to get my Airman’s Medical Certificate reinstated. Yes, the certificate has been under review this past year. Hence, no flying.

Well now, one year has passed and most of my situation has been resolved.

The FAA wanted me to submit to them, an eye evaluation solely because of my history of strabismus (better known as the lazy eye). It ends up that my eyes haven’t changed very much since my last evaluation 12 years ago. I still have 20/15 vision in both eyes, uncorrected; and in all other aspects, my vision far exceeds any minimum requirements the FAA uses for medical certification.

It’s been a long year so this post is showing up a bit late because I was taking time to reflect on my experiences this past year. I wanted to think about my understanding of things then, and my more educated understanding of things now. I think that in this past year, I have developed a different take on life. I seem to understand more about what life has to offer in a wider array of events and experiences. Nothing is completely about me, however, as things happen, I can take them in and make them all about me, or I can take them in and recognize that there is more to their purpose than I may shortsightedly recognize.

To make a long story short. Life is too short to get angry and hold grudges about anything negative that happens to you.

Life is about taking deep breaths, relaxing, being positive and productive and being the best you can be.

Life is what you make of it.