23: Generation Canyon

Sign of the times indeed. My older sister is 3 years older than me. Not much of a difference between the two of us. However I’ve noticed that people 3 years younger than me are VERY different. They see me as some kind of old man.I don’t know if it’s technology differences or they’re just being ignorant. I know about all the stuff that went on before I was born, but this new generation either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. It’s sad for me to even say new generation because theyre not that much younger than me. But the differences are staggering. Remember I’m only 22 years old!

When I was in elementary school I played with yo-yo’s and the original brick gameboy. We used words like “the bomb diggity” and “phat”. I remember being on my block and girls would get phone cords from the Nynex truck and play double dutch. This was back when extension cords were out. Running from the living room through the dining room to the kitchen. I remember paper transfers on the bus and tokens! Way before metro cards. I remember sega game gear for crying out loud. I was indeed around when the first playstation came out. In fact I still have mine and still play it occasionally. I can tell you where I was when Biggie Smalls died, when Tupac died. I remember when Bill Clinton was running for president. The list goes on and on. However theses whippershnappers act as if it’s ancient history.

Hell! I remember the times before the pokemon craze started. I can tell you stories of Windows 95 and America Online 3.0. Remember when NetZero and Juno swept the nation? The internet isn’t that old! I even remember when Myspace first started up, now it’s Facebook and twitter. It’s a little disheartning to know these bastards only know internet. Shit I even remember watching wrestling before Sting switched to black and white face paint. Now everything is in shambles. If all of this makes me old than I thank God for being old. I can spend days without the internet, my phone is of very little importance to me, and today’s music doesn’t interest me. I feel the times are changing too quickly. I have a ipod touch but I perfer to use my ipod nano. I feel it’s a better piece of equipment. I use a Centro because it’s easier to get parts for it than a treo. I’m a palm lover. I have no need for androids or black berry’s. Hell, I can recall a time when blackberry struggled to keep up with treo’s. But since people want more flashy devices, the solid OS known as palm has become obsolete. But I just laugh when people give my phone a strange look. I follow my mind and not what the tube tells me. I rarely watch tv also.

This new generation kills me, they really do. Just because technology changes by the day doesn’t mean theres anything wrong with the old stuff. If you try and keep up with technology you’ll be in debt. I still think about my future. Saving money to buy a house etc. It’s a buyers market and if your not careful you’ll be doing a whole lot of buying. Don’t forget that there’s more to life than technology. So many of these younger people don’t know how to interact. Remember social skills used to be important? Face to face skills, talking skills, and such. And the scary thing for me is, I like the older generations. Men from previous decades were real men. They had class, they had style, and they were bad-ass (for lack of a better term). But I’ve always had an ancient spirit even at a very young age. It’s only natural for me to shun these new age ideas. But as old as I act, it has nothing to do with this gap.

I wonder what the kids growing up now will be like. They’ll probably knock these teens off their asses. My niece isn’t even one yet and I can see her brain working. It’s incredible how fast they develop nowadays. Things are developing so quickly. Please don’t forget to enjoy LIFE. It’s not all about keeping up with the times. Sometimes it’s better to keep up with YOURSELF. How do YOU feel about what’s happening. Even the news! Nothing but cleavage and Ken-doll meteorologists. Please don’t lose yourself. I’m begging you. So this is my challenge to you….interact. Just as my fellow-tabber before me. Try a act of kindness. Try reaching out to people out of your cultural zone. Call customer service and actually treat them like a human being. Call your parents. Do something. Don’t get caught in the trap. There’s still a lot to be done, and if your not careful you’ll miss out. Don’t be blinded by what’s popular and go for what you really want. There’s nothing wrong with new technology but there’s other things out there. Open your mind!