22: Operation Iraqi Freedom is OVER

Sorry I’m a little late everyone. I woke up early for school and then immediately had to go to work until about 10:30 today and once I got off I got caught up watching Jon Stewart and the Colbert report. But technically its still 11:50pm where I am so I still have time! As long as I type fast! haha!

Apparently operation Iraqi Freedom is over! That’s great, I’m sure all those soldiers are dying to come home. Although just the combat ones are leaving not everyone. ANYWAY I can’t talk about it too much because I’m not gonna lie, I’m not the most knowledgeable on those subjects so I’ll just stop.

A friend of mine awhile back showed me some funny things on Craigslist and since then I’ve become somewhat addicted to looking at it. I look at the free stuff (I’ve actually seen some cool stuff for free) I look at the antiques and furniture for sale, I look at the jobs (I’d really like a new job) and I look at the stuff in the personals from the dating to the casual encounters. I really like to look at the stuff in strictly platonic because it’s just fascinating to me that people are posting on there to find new friends. It’s really kinda sad that its become so hard now-a-days for people to make new friends unless you are talking about a few work friends or if you have school or anything like that. But if you’re not going to school and don’t want to be friends with your work people, what do you do? Once your past high school it’s totally inappropriate to go sit with a random person somewhere just to chat with them right? Well I’m going to challenge myself. I am NOT the most outgoing person in the world. In fact a lot of the time I ask friends with me to ask someone something for me because I’m too shy to do it.

I’ve noticed kids around my campus during the lunch hour I have, sitting at tables by themself looking around at people awkwardly trying to look occupied with their food, iPod or cellphone. Who are you kidding? We all know your just trying to look occupied so no one notices you sitting by yourself. And I’m a victim of it too, normally I have one friend at my school who I did lunch with but she has such an opposite schedule of me this semester that she’s not even there half the time. So I’m going to try to make a point to sit with a person I don’t know, someone who’ sitting by themself. This was possibly both of us can mae a new lunch buddy and if we get along well enough then maybe good enough friends to go hang on the weekends! Which would be great because it seems a lot of my friends right now are DRAMA LLAMAS!

Damn its 12:05am. I’m 5 mins late. Well I had to look for pictures so cut me some slack!