20: A much needed vacation

As I mentioned last week, I was on vacation in beautiful Hawaii.

The parents invited me out for a short five day visit to Maui. I think what I liked most about the vacation was being in a different environment which I hadn’t been to for a while. Well, in all of these short five days, I think we were able to pack a lot into them. Two of the days were taken up by golfing, another day by scuba diving with my dad and the remaining two days included chilling out at the condo working on a puzzle and hanging out at the pool/beach.

Also, thanks to being single agian, being in Hawaii had its advantages, I didn’t feel like I needed to restrain myself in any way, and it allowed for me, the opportunity to start letting loose and reintegrating myself into the wide world of dating opportunities.

I have always found that the hot tub, of all places, is a great location to meet all kinds of people. I had a couple different conversations with some kids and families who were visiting from California and I also met three friends who were visiting the islands from New York. That blew me away, I have never met anybody in Hawaii who came from New York. I just though all New Yorkers went to the Bahamas to get their tropical fix of a vacation. Regardless, I enjoyed meeting some new people and having some good conversations at the pool.

Enjoying Drinks in "Tia Juana"

There's nothing better than indulging yourself in the presence of a beautiful woman.

I also mentioned some golfing. Well, I was rather surprised with myself. My golfing form, without even practicing, has improved, unfortunately, that doesn’t go for my score. I can hit the ball straight and I can keep up with a group, however, my score is still varied between 110 and 120 strokes, nowhere near a good game.

Other than how I played, the golfing in itself was fun. My dad and I played in a foursome with two friends of my dad’s family. One thing I can say about golf, the golf course is the only place where it is legal to drink and drive. It was the first of two rounds of golf I played during the vacation, but as a group of guys, we all had fun. As always, after finishing the 18th hole, the four of us went to Tia Juana’s to kick back, have some drinks, chips and salsa and enjoy the pleasures of the 19th hole. We even got the hostess to join in with our antics. She was very fun.  🙂

I golfed again on Tuesday afternoon, just dad and myself. We still had a fun round, but my score was better the first time I played. The second time, we definitely played a “hurry up” round of golf because we had also made a 4:30 dinner reservation on the other side of the island. We still had fun playing, but wow, we played fast. If an average game of golf is about 4:30, we definitely finished in about 3:30, a full hour ahead of the pace. That gave us time to shower before going to dinner at Mama’s Fish House.

Just starting off with the Plantation Punch 🙂 YUM! So refreshing!

Now THAT is what I call a stuffed fish! My mouth is watering just thinking about this dish again.

Mama’s is probably the most expensive restaurant on Maui but they really do know their food. As a starter drink, I had their Plantation Punch, excellent tropical drink to kick you off. Then for the main course, I had the stuffed Mahi Mahi. YUM!

However, its not just about the food at this restaurant, it’s about the view and the location. They are right on their own private beach with palm trees and a view of the afterglow from the sunset. Amazing!

As much as I want to keep talking about food, I still must add one more event to this post. Its my way of saving the best for last. Scuba Diving. On Monday morning, dad and I got up early so we could get ready to meet up with the dive boat. It ends up that the dive company we were with always dive off the coast of Lana’i. The two dive sites we visited were Sharkfin Rock, at the southern-most tip of the island, and Cathedrals I (as it’s locally known).

Like any other dive, I had the chance to see a lot of different fish and eels and coral that I don’t normally see. I even saw a very rare Hawaiian Turkey Fish, indigenous to Hawai’i. While on our second dive at Cathedrals, we were swimming with one of the many white tip reef sharks that hang out in the different dive spots.

Playing with a Pacific Red Octopus.

This picture to the left was taken at the very end of our first dive. One of the divemasters found a little octopus and picked it up to start playing with it. Of course it spit out all of its ink like it would normally do, however, after a while, I think it figured out that we weren’t going to eat it, we just wanted to play. So, here I am under about 60 feet of water playing with a little octopus. What surprised me the most was how soft and smooth they feel to the touch. Very peaceful. However, the strange sensation is feeling all its tentacles sucking onto you so it doesn’t go anywhere when you move. Whenever you get a chance while diving, play with an octopus, it really is fun and different.

Well, I know I’m long winded and I really wanted to get this post out, so here it is for all to enjoy.

Until next time. 🙂