17: #$# Puff The Magic Dragon *%*

Every day I take a flight

Roll it up and take a light

I don’t even need to sip

Herbal substance, potent sh**



There’s nothing more satisfying than a draw from a blunt. Oh yes!

It’s that sweet remedy, that go to situation.

But years of smoking takes it’s toll. It’s time for me to quit.

I’m still young, but I started early. So for the sake of better health I’m going to quit.


But until Friday rolls around and you get to reading this…..let me have a little fun. The main tool when dealing with the herbal remedy is a cigar. For a guy growing up in this part of Queens, only a cigar will do. We don’t have ready access to bongs and pipes. So you split the cigar in half, spill the contents, and add your own little blend. After that you roll it, light it up, and take off! Since 2002 this has been my daily habit. I’ve rolled numerous blunts and joints in that time and let me tell you, I dont get nearly as high as I used to.

I used to get a kick out of it. I still do. And don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of benefits. But in my 8 year career I’ve become a daily user.  I’d find myself time after time rolling up. Eventually my breathing suffered. My throat gets dry much quicker. My laziness level has increased dramatically. My morale has dropped. And my luscious lips sport a black ring. So this is it. After an 8 year stint, me and Mary are finally breaking up. If I had more self control maybe I could control my intake. But for right now the best move is to stop altogether.


Guess I  better learn to bake brownies!!



Whether rollin a fresh L or smokin a few clips

I’m fed up and finally thru wit this $#!T

It used to help, now it’s bringin me down

Thats a shame cuz my mother aint raise no clown

Now I’m lazy as fuck, need to reach for the future

Who knows, maybe I can become a producer

But til the time is right, they’ll be no more lights

Its time I wise up, fight the good fight