16. I think I’m paranoid! 

Maybe I’m the only one or maybe everyone feels this way but I swear every time I get on a computer in a public place I feel that almost everyone around me is basically watching my every move on the screen. Is there a site I could pull  up that would send the whole room into mass hysteria so that I can watch people run around the room screaming?  I’m sure most people would tell me “Noo you’re being silly no ones watching you on the computer, everyone’s doing their own thing!”


You know how I know people watch other people on the computer? Because I watch other people on their computers haha. FYI people I’m a bit of a creeper from time to time. I like to people watch, human behavior, it fascinates me. If any of you haven’t seen The Human Zoo, search it on youtube and watch some of it, its absolutely amazing how people react to situations.

 The one that I really remember right now very well is how people reacted to a man in pain on the street. They set up an experiment, had a man writhing in pain on a sidewalk where dozens of people were walking by and had him scream for help.

And people just kept walking by, they’d look at him and just keep walking. People almost never stopped to help him. Now upon watching this I think to myself as I’m sure you would to, “I’d totally stop and check on him!” But presented with the situation in real life would you? Would you really? I’d like to think to myself that I would but I’m not entirely sure I would just because you don’t know why that guys laying there in pain, he may have some kind of sickness that you could potentially catch if you went over to help him. And there’s the never-ending threat of the zombie virus, oh yes, I went there. Those zombies are coming! We just don’t know when.