15: I am a son of a bitch and Edgar Allan Poe 

I had the pleasure of attending the Green Day concert this past Monday night! It was absolutely AMAZING…but I will post about that later. Today, I want to talk about all the preparation that went into attending the concert.
So here’s the breakdown of the complications: In order to go I would need to leave within a half an hour of the time I got out of work, it made sense for me to stay at my aunt’s house after because she lives right down the street from my work. However, my sister was the one driving and it was up to her whether or not she would be willing to drive me to my aunts house after a long night at the concert. While we were making these plans though, she was still in bed so we couldn’t double check with her. On top of all this I had to have several outfits prepared depending on the situation. To make matters worse, my sister is not the most reliable person so asking her to bring an outfit at any given time was not an option. After much deliberation I prepared and strategically placed 5 outfits.

1.)  My outfit for work on Monday, which I wore to work.

2.) An outfit for the concert which I placed in my sister’s  car in case she picked me up from work – but would also be there in case I ended up coming home before the concert.

3.) One outfit for work for Tuesday that I gave to my father to drop off at my aunt’s house in case I stayed there.

4.) An outfit for work for Tuesday ready at my house in case I ended up coming home.

5.) A pair of (conservative) pajamas that I gave to my father to drop off at my aunt’s place.

I also had to keep in mind that whatever outfits I sent to my aunt’s house I might not have access to for a while if I didn’t stay there. It all worked out in the end – thank goodness. But I was amazed at just how much planning became involved in just being able to go to a concert.