13: My eyes are up here!!! 

Today, we’re gonna talk about boobs. That’s right, boobs, tits, hooters, knockers, rack, etc. Whatever you want to call them. Now, I’m not one of those girls who freaks out whenever I catch guys staring at my boobs. If I’m wearing a low cut shirt and have some cleavage showing, it’s pretty normal for guys to stare. I once had a (drunk) gay man tell me my cleavage looked so amazing that he wanted to go spelunking in there, which just made me laugh. All I ask is that you’re subtle about it. Sneaking a peek is one thing, but having an entire conversation where you’re staring at my boobs is really pushing it.

However, I have this one coworker that whenever I look over at him, he’s staring at my boobs. Every time without fail! Like I would understand every once in a while, but seriously? This is constant! And the weird part is, it’s not like I’m even putting them out there! I dress very conservatively for work, not like turtlenecks or anything, but decent necklines that don’t show off anything at all. So why does he keep staring? We have a slutty coworker that shows off almost everything she’s got, so why is he constantly staring at mine? And is there a polite way to get him to stop? *sigh*