11: Grow a pair, will ya? 

I can honestly say I’m scared. For once I’ve ran across something that really has me on edge. There are a lot of guys out there pretending to be men. Oh sure, at first glance they look like men, but really theyre grown up boys. I’m thoroughly disgusted at the sheepish behaviors and adolescent games being played.

Lately I’ve seen a surge of timid little boys masquerading as REAL MEN. I’m sick of it. I feel it’s my duty to vent. It’s time for us guys to man up. Too many guys are out there not taking responsibility for their actions. This has got to stop. Whatever happened to real men who accept the responsibilities and the real men who owned up to their actions. Why must men be so indecisive? Just because you have two coins and a peg doesn’t make you a man. It’s the mind that makes the man. Allow me to explain.

You see a man has full control over himself. He knows temptation when he see’s it, but he doesn’t always give in to it. A man knows what he needs versus what he wants and he knows how to balance the two. Real men are supposed to put theyre best foot forward and try for the best. Yet for some reason I see these adult boys always trying to pass the buck. Own up to it. If you did something you know you shouldn’t have done, then admit it. Your a man right? Why make excuses?

Another thing that’s been bugging me is man and woman relationships. Too many times on the streets of New York have I seen a timid guy looking at a pretty girl. He’s too shy to go talk to her. He looks at her, she looks at him, and that’s all she wrote. I believe society has males with their tails between their legs. Well for mans sake, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! We didn’t have this problem in the year 2000. We certainly didn’t have it in the 90’s, 80’s 70’s etc. Don’t be ashamed of your attractions. Male self esteem is dangerously low. It has my fellow New Yorkers afraid to go after what they want in life. Another epic FAIL on the parts of my male counterparts.

Lazyness is another 2010 male curse. Since when did men become lazy?? Men went from building houses and raising farms to being too lazy to get their finished food out the microwave?? Is this some kind of joke? Real men know that when a job needs to be done it’s going to get done. Period. There’s no time to guess when you know what you have to do. Come on.

And women your partly to blame. I see a lot of you who rather take control instead of helping us guys out. As the smarter half you know what’s going on. Help us out mandamnit! Ladies should know where I’m coming from more than ever. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good man isn’t it. Too many women nowadays are settling instead of getting what they really want. And too many guys are settling on the women they want. Men are becoming harder and harder to find.

Remember I told you, the mind makes the man. A man is of strong will and determination. A man is someone who sets out to accomplish his goals no matter what. A man shapes and molds his life with the people he wants around and in an atmosphere of his choosing. A man knows that the condition of his life is a reflection of what’s he’s done with his life.

So this is my cry. Males everywhere, read my words! It’s time…time to rise up! Take back your power men. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Fix the cabinet, make your own lunch, make an advance in your love life. For the wimpy guys out there, grow a sack for mans sake. Let your voice be heard! Take hold of the reins of life and whip them to and fro! Breathe. BREATHE THE FRESH AIR OF MANDOM! We need more strong men out there who are focused on their goals. If you have a woman, hold her in your arms damnit. Do it just because she fits. Women in the world are playing their parts and it’s high time we played ours. If I offended you, do what the title says.