10. Outta here

I happen to be spending my week in one of the most beautiful mountain cities I’ve ever seen. Beaver Creek in Colorado. The weather here is amazing, so different from the dry 100 degree weather I’m used to in AZ.

We’ve been trying to do a lot of outdoors-y stuff so our trip has consisted of hiking, fly fishing (caught a fish my second cast thank you!) and today we went white water rafting down class 4 rapids which were pretty dang intense. At one point our guide asked if we wanted to try something called a surf which was basically us paddling the boat back up and positioning right under where the water poured off a rock. My dad being crazy as he is thought this sounded awesome so of course we did it.

After we got it under the rock the boat immediately started filling with water and started tipping over. But we were trapped in the current so there wasnt much we could do but to try to stay in the boat and not fall out. It was incredibly terrifying but to be honest I’d probably do it again. We got free eventually clearly.

After that stressful moment I’m thankful tomorrow has been dubbed a spa day for me and my mom while my dad and brother go do another white water rafting trip which is supposed to take them off a 12ft waterfall. Good luck to them! I’ll enjoy my massage. We ordered pictures that were taken of us doing the surf so once we get those in the mail I’ll be sure to post one for everyone to point and laugh at my scared to hell face. I’m off to go sit by the fire pit with a book and people watch!