09: The Daily Grind 

Humans are creatures of habit. They like to fall into a routine and stick to it. Well, most humans anyway. I guess I’m abnormal in that I hate having a daily routine and am not very fond of repetition. However, that is what my life has become! Here’s a breakdown of my day:

6:20 – My mother wakes me up for work. It sounds pathetic, but my family was too cheap to get an extra fan, so my sister and I have to share one and therefore must share a room. She hates waking up early, so I can’t set an alarm without creating a huge problem in the morning.

6:20 – 7:10 Get ready for work. This includes showering, eating breakfast, applying make up, etc. Ideally I would have more time, but my mother gets up for work at 6:20, and as I said before, I can’t set an alarm.

7:10-7:45: The amount of tim it takes to get to work. So then I’m waiting around for 15 minutes for the bank to open. This includes the time it takes to buy my morning coffee.

8:00-4:35: This is my typical work day.

4:35-5:35: Public Transit time.

5:35-6:00: Apparently the time it takes to drive from my house to the train station, and then back home.

6:00-7:15: Change out of work clothes, check email, eat dinner and get ready for the gym.

7:15-9:00: Gym time (including travelling time).

9:00-10:00: This is my daily “me time” where I get to catch up on emails, maybe read a little bit. I also have to squeeze in a shower, time to make my lunch and time to get my clothes ready for the morning. In the end, I really only get a few minutes to myself each week day.

Ugh! Make it stop! I’m not ready for the daily grind!!

Random Fact About Danni: My favorite flavor of Crystal Light is Raspberry Ice.