06: Welcome to the Fold

I tend to get long-winded.

… you’ve been warned.  🙂

My name is Roy, and I’m here this week to introduce my crazy-ass self to you all. I’m certain that I may reciprocate some of the information in my “About Us” section during this post, but regardless, you’ll only have to deal with one week of me blathering on about myself before I start getting to the real blog work: blathering on about other people!

Just a quick history on me – I am 29 years old, and I am originally from the wonderfully down-trodden city of Chicago, IL. It was where I was born and raised and where I had most of the “firsts” in my life! Everything from my first time filling out a police report after getting mugged, to my first time running a red-light near Midway Airport to dodge the cross-fire from a gang shootout… it all happened right there in good ole’ Chicago!

At Eighteen-years-old, I graduated from High School and started working on my BS in Psychology; however, I soon ran out of ways to pay for said degree and later joined the U.S. Air Force. I became a K-9 handler (i.e. I trained and handled dogs that detected the scent of explosive materials), and traveled all over the World performing my job. I loved my job since I was very good at it and enjoyed the fact that I got to work with dogs. But eventually, the politics of the military, combined with the less-than-stellar pay and lack of free-time drove me to leave the military after nearly ten years.

No moar boomz!

I then moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and took a job with a private company as a contracted dog-handler for a couple years. They paid me very well, and I was able to afford finishing my degree, which I did.

*flashback* While I was in the military, I did what a lot of other people did… I played Poker.

I continued this trend through my years as a privately contracted dog-handler, and I progressed to where I was consistently the biggest winner at our games. It got to the point where I was making more money playing poker part-time than I was working for my company full-time!

I likez poker!

In June 2010, I scraped together a $5,000 bankroll and went to Las Vegas where I played in several events in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). I did not win, but I had a few small cash wins which kept my bankroll in-tact. During the series, I met an older man by the name of “Scof” who was the former director of the WSOP and a very well-connected man in Vegas. He liked how I played and set me up with some side-games in Vegas with a few friends of his. I did very well in the side games and earned a total of $4,200 (nearly doubling my bankroll) over just a few days. Before I left Las Vegas, Scof suggested that I begin playing poker full-time, as he thought I was capable of making money at it.

I took his advice and began playing poker full-time. I’m incredibly lucky to do this for a living, and honestly, it still hasn’t sunk in yet (since I only began playing for a living in July) – occasionally, I get this creeping feeling that I should be at work somewhere.

Lately it seems that my life only has two speeds: “GO, GO, GO!” and “Comatose” because there are times when I’m doing nothing for days on end, and then during tournaments it feels like I hardly even have time to sleep, let alone get any “me time”. But, don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining! I love doing what I do! And self-employment is a dream that I have longed for most of my life; being self-employed is great because I am able to decide when I want to work, but in an interesting quagmire… in order to stay afloat, I have to keep working hard!

I’m still looking for my first major tournament win, and thus I’ve been hitting the tournament circuit pretty hard lately.

Also, I like to enjoy life, to keep it light and worry-free while constantly reinforcing that I should never take myself too seriously! We need to enjoy the life we’ve been given; and so to do that, I try to always keep a smile on my face and impart that happiness on others!

But anyway, that’s about all there is to me.

I decided to join in on Danni’s blog, because I needed something to take my mind off of my everyday life while simultaneously exposing the nuances of society that make it so entertaining, and use these things to entertain others! I’m probably going to attempt to imbue my blog posts with some lame, corny humor to keep everyone smiling… so be ready for some D-grade jokes.

Much love to you all, and thanks for reading!

~ Roy “weekenkeyboardwarrior”

Thanks, Dr. House!