04. What have I gotten myself into?

Introductions always seem to be easier in person then on any kind of online deal.

Well my name is Bethany, I am a 20-year-old student at ASU who works part-time at a local ROSS store, still lives at home with my parents because I don’t make nearly enough to get out of the house, and spend a lot of time out with my friends doing things other people either consider completely awesome or extremely wierd. I’m sure with time I will mention a good amount of them in later posts so you’ll have to keep reading to see what I’m talking about.
Another thing you’ll get from my posts maybe every now and then that I’m not sure if you’ll actually want to see it or not is what its like to be the daughter of an alcoholic and let me tell ya, it’s not much fun. I’ll try to keep the sad rants to a minimum if any at all.

I look forward to continuing with this blog and I feel honored to have been allowed to participate in this brilliant blog. I’m sure these intellectuals will put me to shame time and time again with their insights.