02: I think I sold myself to the devil 

…well, not really. I enjoy writing and expressing myself. This should be an interesting venture to say the least.

Today is Tuesday, a very busy Tuesday I might add.

I’m Scott, and I grew up in sunny Burbank, CA. I haven’t moved far considering that I live up the street from Universal Studios Hollywood. I feel very partial to Southern California and don’t believe that I would move anywhere else anytime soon. I may live local but I am definitely well traveled in this world. We will get to that in later posts.

I like to sometimes refer to myself as a philosopher of life. I have been through many experiences and seen many others play out. I seem to find myself trying to solve other people’s problems when they are brought to my attention. Even when I’m better off just listening. I’ve been practicing my listening skills more. Either way, I do enjoy sharing some of my experiences as well for other people to reflect on and maybe offer suggestions for me. Yes, it’s a two way street here, I like to offer advice when requested, and I like to hear other bits of advice when offered to me.

Well, I joined this “amazing” group of bloggers because it sounds like its full of fresh and new ideas. New inspiration and different perspectives of life from different people. This blog and its group of amazing bloggers, although small, have the task of bringing to light, the world as they see it. I’m looking forward to this new adventure and I’m already curious where it will take me.

Until next week everybody!