01: Sharing My Life Through a Cube 

Happy Monday everyone!

So this week is all about introducing myself, as well as why I’ve decided to join this team of Amazing, I repeat, Amazing Bloggers, who I am very proud to be blogging with!

My name is Cat and I just moved to Boston from Montreal, Canada. No I did not live in an igloo, I’m getting pretty tired of that question. I work a corporate job, but daydream of sitting in a coffee shop to write my novel; as we all know, money is key when you’ve moved out of your parents house, and into the cold blunt emptiness of reality : “I need a f****** job”.

You see, I  got brought up with the philosophy that you need to get a proper education that will result in one thing: making money. I am 24 and I totally disagree with that, but unfortunately, I only realized this after I got my degree, that I worked so hard to get.

I’ll give you a glimpse of how I deal with  all this change in thought and who inspires me to keep my head up high in it all, because I think in the end, we are inspired by our own. I’ll also give you a glimpse of being the new kid in town, at work, and in the playground. Hope you guys enjoy it!